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  1. (22m) When i tell people that I have HA’s, I get treated differently and get ignored by them and same applies to CI now….so yeah. Makes the dating world harder too. Mentions on dating apps, pubs etc.

  2. I never tell People about it, Only if they ask.

  3. I used to wear completely in the ear hearing aids that weren't visible, but when the pandemic hit and everyone was masked, I decided to invest in very visible hearing aids so it's up front that I'm HoH. I am really open about being HoH, and joke about it (often to defuse the moment), especially when it's obvious I'm not understanding what's being said.

  4. I also have a hearing aids in the ear. I Will get selfcounsious if i wear My old visible hearing aids.

  5. It's a bug, it uses the image of the last sub you visited. If u visit any other sub and look for an ad you'll see what I mean

  6. i watch chinese cooking videos and i cant stop myself from chuckling every time i hear 好吃

  7. This shows the power of the media, not just in what they report but also what they don't report. The media is keeping quiet whilst all the big money gets out and then as soon as they're out the media will report the drops as if they're the end of the world and all the panic will begin.

  8. Kinda like the war in ethiopia rn. 500.000 People have died since it started 2 years ago.

  9. The scandinavian countries have unique crown currencies

  10. Why aren't Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Afghanistan included??

  11. He said non scandinavian countries

  12. I dont know ill ask future 1 year self.

  13. Watch it go to -100k volume the next day

  14. We should keep a eye on the high until its gone so we know what date it was

  15. I eat ryebread almost everyday. Its good if you have stormach issues. Way more healthy than white bread

  16. This means you're in gimble lock and the spacecraft has lost platform reference and your computer will explode unless you send me $10,000.

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