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  1. Patrick McCaw, 3 rings in the 3 years boi.

  2. I get you’re trying to be funny, but he didn’t win 3 with the Raps.

  3. Or just a new design can work. Whenever I hit a losing streak I just change decals.

  4. Like getting a new putter for golf. Always play better after.

  5. No frills in Alcona (Innisfil). Out front, around $30ish if I recall correctly

  6. They shed within a few weeks. Never get it there. Always get a fresh cut one

  7. The parking lot at Bayfield and Hanmer across from Staples usually has a guy from Tiny Twp set up. He’s great, trees are quality and a decent price. We go to him every year.

  8. No my download is still the same. Still pulling 950 +down 30+ up. And I can’t explain it well just Google what sqm/qos does. More important for gaming

  9. Hey again, I’m curious when you run speed test on your phone using the new router, what is your download jitter? I’m wondering how much a good router cuts that down. Thanks again

  10. Before and after pics with and without bridging the xb7 to my gaming router. I forgot the stats before I checked a lot of things on bufferbloat But from what I still have on my phone is the picture of the ping from the actual game and it’s consistency before and after the bridge.

  11. Honestly I expected Lazard to pop off when I made that decision…sorry about last night tho

  12. It’s ok. Still early. I’m starting him over Najee.

  13. 512. I’m at 300 now. Nice to have an not worry. Yes I back up my phone too.

  14. That’s literally me this very second

  15. I love when someone gets knocked down and they always get a piece of advice thrown at them after too.

  16. I used to live the simplicity of McDonald’s breakfast wrap.

  17. That’s great! Also each time I party up it’s great until the first loss. Then it’s over.

  18. He will outperform Josh ROS………

  19. Nope. I just don’t understand the overreaction. Josh is number one for a reason.

  20. I had it and returned it. I didn’t think the magnet was strong enough for MagSafe, it was expensive, and I dropped my phone 2 feet onto the ground and the case split open. I just want better quality for the price.

  21. I’m more impressed on how they got all the security cam footage for this video.

  22. They should move to how Toronto does it. You just take the leaves to the curb and a machine sucks them up. No bags needed.

  23. Insert finger into the pit bulls butt. That’s the only way I’ve seen an owner get that dog to stop.

  24. But whatever you do, not as wide as she does in her photos.

  25. Oh yes it does. Just open your eyes.

  26. I’m there too. Let’s play together and overcome this.

  27. Artie Lange still pissed that Howard wouldn’t take him back I see.

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