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Joel McHale on Instagram: "...AND A MOVIE"

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  1. We cry for Leap Day William to give us candy.

  2. There is literally a fucking water dog and you use the recycling dog as the peak you fool

  3. Thank fuck someone else already said this. The recycle dog should be Kimiko since she heals herself the way recycling heals the earth.

  4. Will FIU and UTSA be playing a game at the same time on the other side of the curtain?

  5. Wow can’t believe I’m going to have to subscribe to Peacock

  6. You haven’t been watching soccer to be hip like Jeff Winger?

  7. This is probably a Fastener pulled in from McMaster or something like that. Which, from what I can tell, you have to use the thread option.

  8. It’s pretty easy in McMaster parts to suppress or remove the threads from the model, just download an actual SLDPRT file.

  9. Not many European players in the top Brazilian league, not really where you want to go to keep your visibility up for the national team.

  10. 4. If it is symmetrical you only need to model 1/4 and then mirror it twice.

  11. February 11/12: Super Bowl LVII weekend.

  12. Abyss of sports? That’s been the thick of college basketball season for decades.

  13. Threedom: The Next Generation -- Holly, "Baby Girl" Aukerman and an immortal PFT

  14. His dad was the original A-Train, he just wanted to go running.

  15. Hey, and their schedule dropped today. Good timing.

  16. I still can't believe they didn't include the kidnapping attempt.

  17. Then they would have to show Margaret Thatcher pegging that pig.

  18. Nah this isn’t centrism, this is essentially identifying as a leftist but not wanting to associate with the Democrats. Honestly the overly vocal atheists I see on like Reddit tend to give me the most enlightened centrism vibes, or just straight chud stuff like hating religion but very explicitly hating Muslims and Jews more

  19. Scoring for Poland has to balance out with scoring against Chicago somewhat, right?

  20. Jameis will have his favorite receivers on the field today…

  21. Luckily I only had to read it, but unluckily it means I need to sever my optic nerve.

  22. My wife and i make an effort to watch this every year on 4/20 with Chilean Sea Bass and an aggressive Zinfandel.

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