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  1. The longer you continue. The more risk of worse or even permanent damage. Act soon to save yourself. I know it's tough but you have to be brave. Gather some evidence and show them what other people have said and how they have been affected.

  2. i sprinkle in the reposts sorry to personally upset you friend

  3. That’s what most of the inside of his “mansion” looks like

  4. This is the funniest fucking thing. The man is a parody of himself.

  5. Most comments here are mean. But I dno why this feels especially brutal lmao.

  6. The post literally contains a picture of Bo Burnham a guy who is well known for his inappropriate jokes. I feel a joke about a hypothetical, non-existent daughters boobs is about in line.

  7. Yeah sure because your joke is on par with Bo's stuff. Your joke is ass and now you bitching about how no one understands you lmao. Circus act.

  8. What is it about reddit lately where people don't get jokes?

  9. Biden privately cleared the trip while publicly distancing himself from it. It's clear they're trying to be cheeky.

  10. Yeah exactly what I'm saying. He's gonna have to say something sooner or later. I think he's watching what happens before he either: supports it or says it was a mistake.

  11. Sometimes you just forget how simple minded they can be. It's all about aesthetics. They hate to think past what they can see or are fed by the media.

  12. The US is awful; that does not justify counter-imperialism by China and Russia.

  13. Investment is not imperialism, so please stfu, and maybe westerners are the main reason why Africa still needs foreign helps and loans

  14. Yeah men are usually in the more pathetic position in these cases lmao

  15. Here's a tip: If you die, it's basically like everyone else has too.


  17. Honestly, I’m surprised the company making these shelters isn’t owned by some weapons manufacturer. Talk about controlling supply AND demand if it was tho

  18. Don't rule that idea out just yet. It might not be the same company, but could be a subsidiary or they own shares in it or something lol.

  19. Accurate. Wait for Kevlar school uniforms. They’re not thinking of safety. It’s exploitation


  21. Tired of people stanning literal Jesus, the guy was probably an asshole

  22. Agree. Jesus views/beliefs followers have been horrible for my people and used to justify the conquering of our lands and enslaving our people.

  23. Why? Windows Server is for small businesses. It doesn't scale well at all to enterprise levels

  24. He refused to learn? Does he even do any of the server/code management.

  25. Why? He's Elon Musk, every idea he has is shit. Lmao I would be more surprised had he actually gone with Linux

  26. A good study in societal failure. Whatever they're doing, do something else.

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