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[SPOILER] ONE on Prime Video 1: Adriano Moraes vs. Demetrious Johnson

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  1. Is David Nwaba going to play first base?

  2. He’s gonna hit a buzzer beater after being subbed in for the final 5 seconds to lead OKC to their 28th straight win

  3. I don't she has as much Gas left as people perceive.

  4. I think boxing fans would love to see a rematch, but would be more than content with Katie riding off into the sunset with a great career… still though I would love to see a rematch.

  5. sosa was a pioneer for drill music, really anything like what any of these artists make

  6. Never sad it's most important. But yes it is one of her futures. You don't see it yet you would cry bloody murder if we had white black panther.

  7. I think that Snow White not being white is quite performative on disneys end, but I think the issue at play is more the lack of BIPOC characters in film pre-21st century; the reason you don’t see any previously established POC characters be cast as white isn’t because movie studios have an agenda against white characters, it’s because (using Disney as an example) there are literally ZERO non-white characters to change white.

  8. It’s called near death because they’re still alive lmao, that’s the brain conjuring up some random stuff or whatever you believe because it’s still working. If you want an experience of what everything feels like after death, go into deep sleep or if you’ve ever been in a coma that’s how it will feel, but for eternity.

  9. I believe the same thing you believe but I do have difficulty grasping the “but for eternity” part

  10. Bruh they were talking about morales missing an uppercut while DJ strifes him with a left

  11. Isn't that what undisputed champion means? I'm not an expert in the politics of the sport but if he's ranked number one isn't he...number one?

  12. For pure knockout I'd say Chandler but if you consider the context then I'd go Leon.

  13. That’s a better answer than mine. I’ve been watching mma consistently for bout a year and a half now and Chandlers knockout is the most vicious I’ve seen.

  14. Have you gone back to previous knockouts? Masvidal vs Askren, Ngannou vs Overeem, Henderson vs Bisping 1, also definitely checkout Woodley getting KO’d by Nate Marquardt, it’s beautiful yet violent, one of my favourite combos in MMA.

  15. Yea, I’d previously had Rashad Evans obliterating Chuck Liddell’s chin with an overhand right as the brutal, particularly cause theres one angle from behind where you can his head twist from the punch.

  16. He had a few fights at about the same ratio as Usyk. Lennox Lewis was 240ish when they fought with holy field being around 220. But of course he lost and drawer with Lewis. Big Foreman was 257 when he beat him.

  17. Sorry, let me clarify what I meant. Officially he has 1 win and 1 draw but the judges scorecards for the first fight are some of the most egregious and should have been all Lennox.

  18. If I were to give an boxing equivalent for Leon Edwards kicking Usman into another dimension, it would have to be when Marquez sparked Pacquiao in their fourth fight. Usman and Pac were both on a tear up until then—honestly looking unbeatable at some points—and were well on the way to secure another great win to add to their resume. Both were pound for pound kings (manny and Floyd were tied), but as you know… Pound for pound. Headshot. Dead.

  19. Liston was seen as a big, black brute with criminal connections during the civil rights movement. This meant he was hated by the white racists who thought he was everything wrong with black people, and the civil rights advocates wanted a cleaner image for a black heavyweight champ.

  20. The fact that he took the belt from Patterson, who perfectly fit the mold of the public’s idea of a “good negro” (Liston’s antithesis), probably exacerbated the disdain for Liston.

  21. Is this the mma equivalent of pacquiao laying face down on the ground? Just in general, is edwards sleeping usman the most dramatic one shot knockout in the history of the UFC?

  22. I’m at a wedding in the mountains, the service isn’t loading the video. Someone got a transcript?

  23. A blog is the kind of thing I was thinking of. I just didn't know if some websites were better than others for doing such a thing. I simply wanted to write my thoughts somewhere that was freely accessible to anyone who wanted to view it. I guess I was mistaken in using the words platform and theory. I'm just trying to put my political thoughts in an easily accessible space, and was wondering if others had any suggestions. I didn't mean to come off as if I was trying to speak over others in the process.

  24. If darnold doesn’t start on September 11, it will be the WORST tragedy to hit the US

  25. Who exactly did Sonny beat that makes you think he can compete with Fury? 185 lbs Patterson, Eddie Machen, folley, or journeymen like Cleveland Williams and chuck wepner? Liston was intimidating in a weak era.

  26. You named them. He beat all the top contenders in the HW division he could (except for Henry Cooper and Ingemar Johannson). He didn’t get the opportunity to fight for the title earlier because he was demonized by the public for being a felon and having mob ties.

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