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  2. Some information: Hertogenbosch (“Den Bosch”), Netherlands is home to an unusual neighborhood known as Bolwoningen, which means ball houses. At first glance it looks like post alien invasion scene, but don’t be scared; these houses are occupied by humans only.

  3. What is the old Dutch saying? "Twee geloven op een kussen, daar slaapt de duivel tussen"? Meaning two beliefs on a pillow has the devil sleeping in between. The Netherlands had a unique amount of church schism and it shows :')

  4. En “de waarheid ligt in het midden”.. 😋 (And “the truth is lies in between”)

  5. Background information: Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. On the Protestant part of this cemetery J.W.C van Gorcum, colonel of the Dutch Cavalry and militia commissioner in Limburg is buried. His wife, lady J.C.P.H van Aefferden is buried in the Catholic part. They were married in 1842,the lady was 22 and the colonel 33, he was a protestant and didn’t belong to the nobility.

  6. Here the information: Once upon a time (in the 17th century to be exact), the West Brabant Line in the Netherlands was a series of fortresses surrounded by water that was used to fill moats and keep foot soldiers from staging sneak attacks. In recent years, there has been an effort to revive some of West Brabant’s most iconic forts, and convert the areas around them into recreational spaces for hikers, cyclists, and other outdoor adventurers. Fort de Roovere—West Brabant’s largest fort—is the site of an innovative bridge that allows visitors to cross the water by seemingly walking right on top of it. The Mozerbrug (or Moses Bridge) is an engineering marvel that may—at first glance—cause people who are nervous around water to think twice before they cross.

  7. The Mangalica (also Mangalitsa or Mangalitza) is a Hungarian breed of domestic pig. It was developed in the mid-19th century by crossbreeding breeds from the nearby Romanian Salonta (Hungarian: Nagyszalonta, colloquially Szalonta) and Hungarian Bakony with the European wild boar and the Serbian Šumadija breed. The Mangalica pig grows a thick, curly coat of hair. The only other pig breed noted for having a long coat is the extinct Lincolnshire Curly Coat pig of England.

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