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  1. Maybe hes hoping to crash so hard his legs start working again.

  2. State of Canada, like New York State but without all the "stuff".

  3. Right, let’s argue about Canada Day and be divisive amongst ourselves meanwhile groceries have gone up in cost 80% and there’s a cost of living crisis and mental health crisis and shortage of medical workers and basic services but YEAH LETS MAKE AN ARTICLE ABOUT CANADA DAY. Fuck this article

  4. Uh I think we have intellectual depth to discuss both. Stop hijacking a thread designed to discuss a specific topic and straw man it to another just because it's a bigger issue. An issue is an issue, big or small we can work on them in parallel .

  5. Out of what exactly? No diploma? No chance to enroll in post secondary? A future at McDonald's?

  6. I don't want hang criminal records over their head either.

  7. 1 - that poor snake 2 - why toronto always with these crazy animal stories

  8. Like long hair or that crazy pubic hair taste? The long hair can be pulled out but that pubic is just a constant cough to get it out.

  9. Wait, how do you even know what public hair tastes like?

  10. Eating at the downtown Chipotles can only be improved by watching a homeless man's ass crack pressing up against the window

  11. Then watch him release his guacamole right on sidewalk as you eat yours.

  12. No, let's be woke and include East and West Indians into the Indian act.

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