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How to Survive College - the stabbed student

I'm in this with you.

Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

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(OC) A year ago, I was struggling with severe depression, and I was practically broke. But today, I'm happy to say I'm struggling with severe depression and I'm practically broke.

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  1. Prof knows exactly what’s up, and he has found that studiously ignoring (“acknowledge the thought, then set it aside and don’t give it any more space in my head”) is the key to long-term survival. That’s why he would watch but not accompany you - it would not do to be right beside you and have you look up and freak out when it inevitably followed you both.

  2. I find this an intriguing idea. Like what if he does actually see the being on ceiling but also has an in depth knowledge about its behavior in such a way that while he doesn't actually control it, he can interfer with it in a way that might be helpful in small moments. The questions are, what would happen if he had to engage with the entity directly or had to actively protect multiple people?

  3. I feel like it is a broader pattern. At the river he noticed her reaction with the kelpie and became concerned, even though no one else saw it, but he played it cool. He also is the only professor who does not cancel class when it rains, despite it obviously making him look like a jerk and requiring him to slog in from the parking lot in the rain. It may be a delicate thing in which he must act totally as if nothing were happening, or it breaks the spell and butter knife guy or rain guy or whoever is up next gobbles him up when he tries to show up for work.

  4. Hrm. Also very good points. Which also makes one wonder if he, too, might have a deal with the devil 😅

  5. See :) There you go. Bring in supporting material. Just maybe actually cite said material. You'll be mocking whomever you want the best of anyone around you in no time.

  6. I see what you mean. That sentence is hard to read. It is syntactically sound, but you make a good point. If the thought process can't be followed then it has failed as communication.

  7. There are two common misconceptions that cause people to ask this question. The first is that there actually is a "best" programming language for learning and the second is that the first language you learn will decide what the rest of your programming career looks like.

  8. I love this response ... mostly because I ... still a mostly novice programmer ... have "learned" so many of these languages.

  9. Mara Jade. No question. Starring Karen Gillan.

  10. I'm not crying at the final scene. You're crying at the final scene.

  11. Omg! I had no idea people still used Fortran!! I was just talking to someone about how embedded COBOL is at a lot of companies that even as a mostly dead language, it's unsurprising the number of jobs that are out there for it. Now I'm curious about Fortran ....

  12. Well, if you go into engineering and do computational work, a lot of it is still in fortran. A lot of the professors/researchers in the industry to run simulations developed 20+ years of code, and the only available option was fortran during that time.

  13. Very cool re the engineering aspect. And the academic perspective also makes a ton of sense. And I 100% get the value of sticking with something that works fine. I think that's one of the challenges college graduates face when they enter the workforce. Depending on their course work, much of it could be done with a focus on the newest platforms or the "it" languages du jour ... and then they get jobs and are like "why is all your data in excel?" or some sort of equivalent. No one tells that them it's because many companies that already invested in something don't see a real value in an upgrade.

  14. Quick chime in. I have three monitors at work and it's been a game changer for me. I code in python using Jupyter Notebook. That's on a vertical monitor. I'm in the analytics department of my job, so my other large monitor usually has Excel sheets open (our customers' data file type of preference) or our Salesforce platform but typically both. My laptop usually has my email and Teams open as well as a Notepad file for random cut and paste things. But I will use that for bigger things if I have to show my manger something going on between my code, a spreadsheet, and Salesforce ....

  15. The Moondog is kinda the same vibe, at least for me.

  16. Hear me out on this. It is probably not what you are looking for in your exact vision but it might be worth a shot talking to someone at Pottery Barn. They don't pay much better than min wage, but they do take seasonal workers ... and they have an in house design team you might be able to convince them you'd be good for. I did seasonal work for them several years ago as a sales associate and honestly had a great time just working with people on decorating related things. I had an opportunity to stay on after season, but I already had a full time job.

  17. How seen are we talking? :/ Literal or empathetically?

  18. Also you could check a carniceria. They are just straight up butcher shops, and I've found all types of non-traditional cuts at places like the one at La Superior.

  19. It's really hard loving basketball while also being so worried that the ball isn't going to be there anymore after it goes through the circle thing.

  20. You are sadly the problem with the political landscape, the polarizing rhetoric and hyperbole is unnecessary

  21. I agree viewpoints are polarized. Saying it outloud is, however, not what makes it polarized. Those statements are real polar opposite statements. Bodily autonomy or body as property. They are polar opposites. You can hold your ears and falalallalala all you want to make it seem not so, but the statements remain as such.

  22. mdn is easier to read and examples are cleaner than w3 for me

  23. Funny. The reverse has always been true for me.

  24. I thought it was 1. It would be 8/2(4) and 2 x 4 and 8 so 8/8 is 1

  25. Ok so I, too, was in the original thread in this ... and for the first time ever in a convo of this type ppl literally started dropping links on articles about mathematical notation. The discourse revolved around implicit multiplication. Example: 2(2)

  26. Whats interesting is the original image doesn't have any hentai on the screen but is turned off.

  27. So the new question is ... which image is really og. The hentai image OP posted or this one?

  28. I just learned this hard lesson :( never telling anyone something they could use against me ever again. Even if you trust them.

  29. I hate having to say this. Especially since the convo is about PTSD, but I have a bipolar disorder ... and this is more true than I ever wanted it to be. I'm in pieces right now just thinking about it.

  30. multiple different types of weird sauces

  31. I can't go that deep into the comments. My ADD is too hard. But where is the mustard love??

  32. Whatever I pick as my sandwich plus a corndog and fries :) :) .... I mean srsly, where else can you get a CORNDOG as a side!!!!!

  33. I went there for lunch recently for the first time in years. I was soooooo glad I did. The food is so good. The people are so nice. It has two of my favorite memories attached to it (Old Berkeley in the days of two rooms and Sadlacks) ... plus it has all this new energy. The news of it losing its space hurts my heart. I hope for a good outcome in all of this.

  34. Damn. I'm guessing the show sold out? Now I'm extra stoked I already have a ticket.

  35. Tickets had been on sale for 6 months. It didn’t sell out till a few weeks ago.

  36. I've been telling my friends to get tix for ages cuz I figured the show might sell out.

  37. As an independent, I had someone deign tell me hold my nose and vote R "if I wanted to keep my money" .... I said "I'd rather hold my nose and keep my rights."

  38. I sat back there once. Didn't realize I had vertigo until I had to walk up those stairs ^ We saw Spamalot, so it didn't matter to me that I couldn't see every little nuance of the acting. And the sound was good. I had a good time. But damn. I will never go up those stairs again.

  39. I had a group of friends that went! They had a blast!! I'm only half sad I missed it ... but my couch missed me and alas, I missed it, too. But definitely glad those events are on my radar now :)

  40. Cheers my friend!! You made it to another day intact. I have a bipolar disorder that has been wicked bad over the last few years ... even with meds and support. And some days .... some days ... I have to remember I am winning just by being here.

  41. Exactly. He's a hobbyist. Not a scientist. Yet you all still have your noses so far up his ass, it's hilarious 😂

  42. A lot of good science has been done by hobbyists. Less red tape for one. If you want knowledge to rot in a bin in the name of better science, don't send it. If you want to see any knowledge come of it at all, send the sample.

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