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  1. Me before watching the vid "Oh, they finally figured out to point a missile backwards to shoot an enemy in pursuit."

  2. That's not how missiles, sensors, or how physics fucking work lol

  3. You really telling me the air force couldn't hang a missile under an aircraft pointing the OPPOSITE way that detatches and ignites 5 seconds later to fire behind them? This technology is impossible? I know rotor wash / etc... But it can't jettison down and away a few feet?

  4. It's gonna be some controversial figure in one of his weird, elite circles that 80% of normies have never heard of

  5. I could def see her switching sides. You can only go so far left before you end up right

  6. The 16 hour IF works great for me. I work midnights, so I fast from 11pm to 3pm. It's easy for me to not eat at work, then when I get home in the AM, I just go to sleep. I do this Mon-Fri, then eat whatever I want on weekends. I've been doing this for about 2 years (I lost about 30-40lbs the first 6 mo and have been maintaining this weight ever since.

  7. Netflix is 50% woke bullshit the deep state puts out to program the population anyway.

  8. wait we were meant to be hot when we were younger? :[

  9. When your metabolism worked and your knees allowed jogging? Yes, you were at least supposed to be in shape

  10. Colts only beat Brady 3 times? Once in the AFC Championship before the Bears Superbowl, once when the Colts were undefeated in reg season and Belichick went for it on 4th down, what was the 3rd time? Can't remember!!!

  11. Arthur Mormont, disgraced Cowboy traveling the wild Westeros in search of a cure

  12. The abiliy to match loss of daylight to real time. Those sunsets would be mighty fine if they lasted 20-30 min irl and not 20-30 seconds

  13. Yeah when I heard that my BS detector went off. ChatGPT is cool, but it's not good enough to construct a Mitch Hedberg joke.

  14. I got a couple good results asking it to do Jim Gaffigan style stand up and made a few hilarious (imo) sienfeld skits. It almost seemed to get annoyed with me and stopped being as creative after a while

  15. These are the same people who hate Elon for spending money on Mars but orgasm when billions of their tax dollars go to Israel and Ukraine

  16. Or they try to kidnap Giants QB Daniel Jones and accidentally kidnap Eli Manning instead

  17. We outscored the super bowl opponents by 2 points!

  18. It’s crazy to think how good this team was if our offense could just score 21 points a game.

  19. Because "flying object" implies 1) it is a physical object made up of atoms from this physical plane and 2) it's flying, meaning the craft is using lift and propulsion to "fly" through our skies.

  20. I just can't stop picturing Jim walking around to everyone showing it to them on his phone, totally oblivious to how it makes him look.

  21. "Oh no, a bunch of poor people from the midwest are making fun of my zany, billionaire lifestyle and kooky personality when it comes to the NFL team THAT I OWN."

  22. My GW got about 20 of these last week and they wanted $10-$15 each while the other bags are listed at $5.99

  23. That game was cooked the entire time imo.

  24. I'm still gonna watch, but I'm 100% done with FanDuel. There shouldn't be a financial relationship between the NFL and sportsbetting companies. Both have an insane opportunity to make a boatload by cooking a few games together. Games like tonight make me question the integrity of the league and I hate it.

  25. 3rd and 5 at this point in the game on that hashmark, you run it up the gut TWICE bc this is 4 down territory. Dumping it off 10 yards behind the LOS for a loss and a punt seems very intentional and suspicious. Do the Bengals want to lose? Mixon has 6 rushing yards bc they won't run him.

  26. This game is already over, too? What a disappointing conference weekend

  27. Do you have the statistics on how many of those shootings were cleared of officer wrongdoing? ie: an officer steps out of their patrol vehicle and is immediately fired upon, and their return fire kills their assailant? Or are we assuming all 1,176 shootings were premeditated murder by police?

  28. 15/25 for 121 yards and 0 TD won't cut it against either KC or CIN, Jalen.

  29. Why did they keep giving Samuel the ball 10 yards behind the LOS for a loss literally every play in the 2nd half?

  30. I 100% believe if SF just handed the ball off to McCaffrey on 1st and 2nd down every play they would have won. They kept doing awful end arounds to trash ass Samuel and giving McCaffrey the ball on 3rd and long

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