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  1. Sorry to ask but what is the purpose of doing this?

  2. Tbh, this is my only hood so I just wanted to protect it lol


  4. Rebuilding brake calipers is quite fun, just watch a video on it and see if you're up for it

  5. man that looks delicious. Be careful with that jar though, used commercial jars dont hold great seals compared to a mason jar so just make sure you are right and tight so you dont spoil your spoils!!

  6. It's been this way for quite some time 🤣 hasn't bothered me yet but I appreciate the tip!


  8. You can throw a comforter over your car, tarps, towels, pillows whatever you can find.

  9. If you can figure out how to dismantle another cart yes you can definitely transfer the stuff, I've done it loads of times in dire situations

  10. You're alright man I think I've had a handful of some dead devices on arrival, but I feel you I'd be sus too

  11. You don't need to cycle from 0% every day. Don't pay any attention to it

  12. Dude what butter/oil are you using, I gotta try this

  13. I do smoke I just wanted to experience edibles as it is apparently a completely different high

  14. Eddies ain't shit, if that's the completely different high you're talking ab lol

  15. Bruh eddies work fine, although I use around 500-2500mg to get me where I want to go. Anything under 250mg don't affect me (high tolerance)

  16. Not everyone is the same, literally OP can't get high from them so no they don't work fine bruh

  17. You could bring a portable battery capable of turning on these devices.

  18. That still won't let you do much. If you want enough amps to run common household electronics you probably need a 600-1000 $ battery. Or a generator. Cheapest option would be an adapter for your cars cig lighter probably. Or an inverter for a car battery. But those won't power all that much

  19. Makita/Milwaukee/DeWalt etc 18v batteries can definitely power on a lamp or alarm clock. Maybe not a vacuum tho

  20. I like a good leather wheel, preferably clean and not falling apart. Nothing squishy though, a firm leather grip.

  21. Nissan of the mid 2000s had me purchase my Altima and 370z because the steering wheel feel is perfect. A nice hard, textured leather. My Audi was nice and smooth, but it didn’t feel like I could grip it like a sports car.

  22. Ye you got a vacuum leak somewhere it sounds like

  23. I think you are a waste of time and space. Stop wasting our air and go hang with the rest of the mouth breathers.

  24. If it's full synthetic you're chillin, just be sure to give it a good stir every other oil change or so

  25. Then make sure you stir it every oil change I suppose and you'll be okay

  26. If it doesn't have rockauto tape then it's been messed with, it's one of their things they do with all their packages.

  27. And if it's not made in Japan then it can't be JDM

  28. I highly doubt you'd immediately think "hmm yes, alcohol requires the presence of oxygen to burn, therefore I shall prevent all access the fire has to oxygen" when you're mouth is burning at hundreds of degrees.

  29. No I would immediately panic, and then shut my mouth and poof fire gone

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