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  1. McCombs had a great year for placing MBB students this past fall, both for full time and interns. Helps that so many companies are opening Austin offices (including McKinsey this year)

  2. Selling 2 GA Weekend 1 Tickets ($1061 total after fees and shipping)

  3. Castle is kind of similar to the detective parts of the show and has a good romance

  4. Texas native who went to Anderson here and I am amazed at my how west coast network has grown from going to school in SoCal. I have no qualms about my ability to get a job in the Bay Area, LA and San Diego (have managed to actually live in all 3 places so far). And quite honestly, I’ve loved living in California in the years during/after BSchool.

  5. Thank you! Great to hear about your Anderson/ CA experience. I'm definitely struggling with choosing location because I love living in Austin but do not want to live anywhere else in Texas. Though cost of living in Texas is obviously lower and Austin is a booming tech city, LA is enticing because all of CA has great places to live and I wouldn't be stuck in just one city.

  6. From LA but live in Austin now. So love both locations but feel Austin is a better economic choice. Planning to go into Tech in a PMM role, hopefully at a startup. Looking for work hard/ play hard classmates.

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