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  1. If your stems aren't snapping get them out of the jars. While they're out trim them up. Great job. Happy smoking.

  2. All were snapping :) I made sure, that's why took a little over 12 days. How far should I trim them?

  3. Most of the leaf has to go. Takes a lot of weight away but you'll going to get a harsh smoke if you don't.

  4. Thanks, I won't have time to today, can I just do tomorrow after only been in jars for a day?

  5. No, just informing the dudes who don't realize you're a dude.

  6. Lol, who cut your hair, really? Great clips or your cousin Ahmad?

  7. Why do chunky cheeks ladies put grease on their face. Just causes more pimples.

  8. What’s the humidity in your dry room? Eleven days seems like a very long time. I usually dry for about 4 days then jar up, but it all depends on your conditions.

  9. They smell like hay at the moment yet the thicket stems are still not snapping, they are bending and then "creasing over" I guess I would say.

  10. Nice cultural appropriation hipster garbage. I bet you protest wearing that.

  11. Is there any direct air blowing at the plants? Cause that could do it, too. If not, maybe you hadn't watered in a while at the chop?

  12. I watered it 24 hours before cutting, about 16oz each. The fan is pointed at an angle so it hits the ground but "swirls" up. I leave the fan on for 2 hours, let the humidity get to around 50-52 if high, then cut the fan and let it get to 56-58 when low. Rotate back and forth.

  13. Huh. Seems like you're doing everything right. Hopefully, it turns out fire. I'd just let it dry at least 7 days to be sure it's actually dry.

  14. Im basically just trying to ensure every branch snaps? Some are bigger than others.

  15. Things included to make money include, working the starting job and excelling/OT (no hook ups), buying thrift shop items and selling on Ebay, garage sales, investing (no crypto), and odd jobs, such as using finances gained to build tables and such.

  16. Wtf are you wearing tbh? Really. I hatw my generation (mid 20s) you make us look like losers who all live with our parents.

  17. Is that a bend/dent on the back left edge toward the bottom? The the left of the upside down "Pokemon."

  18. No, I think just the lighting. It was nighttime taking the photo and my window is to the left. Light in my kitchen at that spot is at a very strange position haha.

  19. Thanks. I see a small scratch on the front and small white on back edges so wasn't sure if auto like a 5.

  20. Lol I really thought you where some trans dude on drugs in Seattle who eats rats.

  21. Too me, it's crazy that u even thought to chop 6bweeks ago. Has it even been in flower for 6 weeks?

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