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  1. I love everything about this, haha (and absolutely love the name Teaspoon!) Yuuum animal crackers! I agree it would be strange eating out of a container shaped the same way! Glad it seems Teaspoon can still enjoy the cookies if they're not directly from the container :)

  2. Hello and hello Tartan!! Love the name and the matching pajamas 😊. Christmas plaid teddy is so wonderful and cute!

  3. Oh this is so cool and so cute 😊. I love the style; and it's so well done :)

  4. Ooh ooh ooh they're all so cute! May have to get that sleeper...!

  5. Omg I can't. 1. This sweater is adorable; 2. It's ADORABLE on that little axolotl; 3. I didn't know guinea pig clothing, let alone SWEATERS, were a thing...that is just too cute. Thank you for this amazingly cute picture and knowledge πŸ˜„

  6. Upside down kitty heart!! 😻😻 Such cuties 😸😊

  7. This is absolutely adorable :). Love that sweater, too! Did you make it?

  8. Awww they look so cute and great together (also love the...necklaces? :) )

  9. Ooooh ooh oooh love it; love them all!! There's something so cute and special about the floppy kitty (and the tabby...but personally I kinda think I like the flopy kitty more). So cool that you've had them since the release!

  10. This is so cute. What a fun and special treat for your birthday and happy birthday!! 😊

  11. Awwww have fun! And so exciting going for your first time :)

  12. Love this 😊 he looks so great!

  13. Kiiiiittttttttyyy!! Love this little sweetiepie; such a sweet, charming, derpy, adorable little thing. And yay for it finally arriving! Do they have a name?

  14. Nooo not yet! I just ordered him yesterday :) a sweet girl on mercari literally went to a store and picked him up for me! I'll think of something eventually πŸ€”

  15. Ah sorry! Then yay for on the way -- and hopefully actually arrives soon!! That's so sweet and kind of makes him even more special!

  16. Ahhhh I love, love, love this! Each picture is so precious and wholesome, and so festive with those clothes, accessories, the background 😊. I especially love that hugs and wishes bear (forgot about that one!) and sweet floppy kitty. That picture with Jasper-Kitty and his clothes and book sparked again a desire to get him (I love his cute derpy-ness but am trying not to buy many BABs).

  17. Ahhh thank you so much! I love Christmas, its my favourite holiday and so getting to do this with my BABs has just been amazing πŸ₯° I definitely feel that, its so hard not to want them all! Emmett was a last minute purchase as I saw too many cute pics with the otter and it was just all over for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­β€οΈ

  18. Awww yay! Yeah it adds even more joy and festiveness to the holidays; Christmas is my favorite holiday too 😊

  19. Omg where are the frog's overalls from (if not BAB or self-made)?! Love them.

  20. They're from an old and falling apart Christmas snowman decorations my grandma made before I was born. The overalls are made of my uncles old baby clothes!

  21. OH I remember you posting about that a while ago, but apparently didn't remember these were the same clothes :/. Cool and so sweet :)

  22. Awwwww he's so cute -- that sweet little smile is just too adorable! I love the fall fabric you used, and his cute little antlers, and that plaid scarf! Everything is just so cute!

  23. This has been a build a bear I've wanted so long but he's pricy so when I walked into the thrift store and saw him I immediately grabbed him, my heart was pounding and I was making myself stay calm but woo was I happy. Ironically, he's been of the cheapest build a bears I've gotten, only a $1. Ill post some better photos of him later now that he's all cleaned and fur was brushed.

  24. This is awesome! Great find of something you wanted so long and for so cheap 😊. I love that picture of him drying lol -- he looks so silly hehe.

  25. This is so precious 😍😊

  26. Ooooh such a sweetie 😊 I love that apron.

  27. the apron is so cute! the pocket feels a little flimsy and the upper part isn't reinforced with stitches, so I'm worried about fraying. the spatula seems like it's really good quality! I would guess silicone? I'm not sure if it would be heat resistant at all? it's not dishwasher safe, so my bet is high heat isn't a great option? or else it's just that the print will come off. the handle is VERY sturdy even though it's thin the bowl is also hand wash, do not microwave, but it does feel pretty sturdy. it almost feels ceramic due to its weight and thickness, but it's def plastic. it's also a good size for snacking! very satisfied with the quality of the tools it came with!

  28. Awesome and thank you! I hope your apron holds up, but glad to hear the other items seem good quality! That'd be great if the spatula was silicone, though if so then you'd probably be right as to why it's not dishwasher safe. I'm surprised at how heavy the bowl would be, but that seems nice -- maybe less likely to crack or something. Such a nice box!

  29. Awwww yay so great it seems to have met and then exceeded your expectations! :) it's such a cutie, especially with that apron!

  30. i would say more so just tried not to get too excited since i was hoping for a more panda like plush. this just looks like a straight up bear, but its still adorable and worth it, the concept art just made it a bit misleading imo. the box was still more than worth it

  31. Ah I see; yeah it's less panda-y than initially led to believe. Glad it's still worth it!

  32. Awww congrats! Awesome you had enough gift cards/discounts to get him free!

  33. Oh gosh these are all so cool (and adorable)! What a cute and fun idea :) and I love that she's working on her own puzzle 😊

  34. I've only ever been to BAB once to return an item and made my second trip to get this little guy stuffed after feeling nervous and/or being too busy. I was so glad the store wasn't busy and that the stuffer was nice and made it an enjoyable experience!

  35. What happens in the heart ceremony? Ive had a few babs stuffed in store in the past but I never bothered with getting hearts so idk

  36. Oooh so the stuffer says certain sayings (which can vary some) for you to do with the heart to help "bring to life" the animal kind of. Some examples are like to tap the heart in your palm to give a heartbeat, rub it between hands so they're always warm, rub on your back so they always have your back, and stuff like that. They end it with having you give the heart a kiss and placing it in the animal :)

  37. πŸ˜… that would be awesome

  38. Awwwww little sweetiepie πŸ˜… I love the slip from too heavy a rub into the shirt hehehe.

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