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  1. I think this is a great time to start drinking again, personally.

  2. I want to know exactly "how many" are against this with her. It makes me feel a tad better, but I'm still dying inside.

  3. I'm lying to myself right saying that it's delayed because Lombardo realizes he actually doesn't have the votes and is now scrambling. Let me live in my fantasy land, please.

  4. Dodgers are the most popular in CA. My team is for sure the least popular, and I am totally ok with that as long as they don't leave.

  5. Ya, my heart was starting to drop a bit, but really it's just "efforts." This has Lombardo written all over it. But it doesn't matter since the leg/senate are Democrat controlled. Lombardo can try to get this through as much as he wants and the dems will likely continue to say no. My gut still says this is very much dead.

  6. I'm choosing to believe the reporting that the bill won't be brought to special session and is now dead. So I chose 10-90. Going back again on such a controversial/opposed bill would be political suicide now. Fuck Fisher and Fuck Kaval.

  7. I would say it's fine. My NL team is for sure a second option though. My family is from LA so I root for the Dodgers as well. Just not as passionate about them as my A's. My hate for The Giants really comes full circle with this though, that's for sure.

  8. I personally love this tier list hahaha. But ya, it's wrong.

  9. This is why I hate living on the east coast now. No way can I stay up until 3am waiting for an update on this bill....but I know my brain is gonna keep me awake.

  10. Old Globe Life and Candlestick. I don't know what Rangers fans think, but I've been to the new one too and really miss old globelife. Old ballpark was so much nicer imo.

  11. It's gotta be when you finally have a good mahjong hand and all of a sudden you hear that dreaded "RIICHI!!"

  12. I drink Jack Daniels a lot and am totally fine. The only Whiskeys that I get nervous about are Japanese Whiskeys. Only because I can't find any info on how they are distilled usually. But other than that I've had zero trouble with most name brand stuff. Stay away from Southern Comfort though. That one is not GF.

  13. Grew up in Oakland, but live in Atlanta now. I plan to come back to California eventually, but want to spend some time living in different places around the country.

  14. They literally just copied and pasted the coliseum infield. That's also wayyyyy bigger than 9's also facing the wrong way.

  15. I'm a huge fan of Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Before I was diagnosed, I use to douse my curly fries from Jack in the Box in it. Miss the curly fries, but very happy that I can still have Frank's.

  16. Everyone here who voted for Las Vegas is dead to me. Idc if I don't know y'all. You're still dead to me.

  17. I'd actually been saying there's a TON of room to build a ballpark in Concord.... would have still been East Bay and still right by Oakland, unlike the the Niners who are an hour away from SF. A guy can dream, right?

  18. I rather punch myself in the dick than root for The Giants. Not following the A's to Vegas either. Either Dodgers/Braves or no more baseball. But absolutely fuck the Giants.

  19. You know what? I'll believe it when I see it at this point. Fisher and Kaval are so incompetent that I don't believe anything anymore. I also think they don't know what "binding" means.

  20. Rangers, cause their meltdown in the 2011 WS was hilarious.

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