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Interesting how some surnames come from professions, some from father’s names, some from locations, some from physical attributes etc.

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AITA for making a deal with my MIL which lead to her never meeting my children?

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  1. Can I ask how much they quote for 6 full body sessions?

  2. I've not had this but just curious. Does this Chennai biryani use Basmati rice or Seeraga Samba or a different shirt grained rice?

  3. 29 F Looking for an apartment in Whitefield or Marathahalli with female roommates budget 12k.

  4. That's just inexcusable cruelty. It's one thing to say something in the heat of the moment that you don't mean. You might even say stuff to just hurt your partner because you are hurt. While that's a problem, it is something that can be worked on imo. But this kind of stunt where he is humiliating you in front of other people is just too far. Please get out. I don't think this can ever be forgiven, let alone forgotten.

  5. This ad was aimed at educated women of a certain social class clearly. I can't imagine the kind of nonsense that was being peddled for women of a lower socioeconomic class at the time. Imagine what the ads for dishwashing soap and laundry detergent would have been like. 🤢🤮

  6. I grew up in India. Growing up, I saw women who were wearing makeup or dressed too flashy being called arrogant or attention seeking in movies a lot. I wouldn't say I was a tomboy cos I wasn't into traditionally boy stuff like sports. But I was not into makeup and dressing up as a little girl. I hated going shopping and loved reading. So this became a "she's not like other girls" thing with my parents especially my mom. She liked the fact that I loved reading and science cos she associated that with being like a boy in a weird way. I was told looks don't matter, intelligence does. I internalised this and viewed dressing up as dumb and shallow. I wasn't mean to other girls ever thankfully but I guess I did judge them sometimes. I didn't feel like a pretty girl and had a terrible image issues. I felt disconnected from my body. After I grew up, I realised looks so matter, but I couldn't make myself put in the effort to pick a nice outfit everyday or make myself look pretty. It just felt fake.

  7. I think if the genders were reversed most people would find this objectionable, especially considering you've known him since he was a minor. It might turn out great, but it seems like it has the potential to be a disaster in terms of your reputation of people found out. I don't think it's worth it, there are other men who are not quite as barely legal and whom you've not known as teens.

  8. A literal saint, Mother Teresa. She believed suffering like Christ brought you closer to God. So her homes refused to prescribe strong pain medication to patients. That is sick if you ask me. Plus all the other stances that come with being a catholic nun, anti-abortion, anti divorce, being a missionary, conversions, money stuff, etc.

  9. Um, have you considered whether your parents are casteist? If you and your gf belong to different castes, that might be the reason your parents are behaving this way. Lots of Indian parents are openly casteist and want their children to marry someone within the same caste. Some are more likely to just not say it out loud and just push the relationship to a break by being passive aggressive, guilt tripping and withholding love. I assume you are an ABCD. I'm fully Indian and I've been to the US and it's surprising how much more casteist older Indians who have settled in the US are, even more than many urban Indian parents.

  10. He just wants a monopoly on killing babies. What's so hard to understand about that? /s

  11. There’s this Indian actor called Salman khan who’s a garbage human being and a convicted criminal still making movies.

  12. Plus he was abusive towards Aishwarya Rai, apparently gave her a black eye, made a scene outside her apartment, etc. But these are rumours, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He also had a creepy habit of acting with look-alikes of his exes after the break up. Sneha Ullal after Aishwarya Rai and Zarine Khan after Katrina Kaif. That is just creepy.

  13. "All teenagers are absolutely mad on the gulf stream"

  14. My dad lied about being a makeup artist to the stars. As a kid, it was my dad's job to get me ready for school. I am from India, so that included me wearing my uniform, wearing shined shoes, my belt, etc. He would comb my oiled hair, powder my face and draw a bindi on my forehead that was far too large for little me. I would make a fuss about it. He would say that he used to do this to all the actresses in the film industry and this was how the professionals did it. Lol. It's a nice memory for me now.

  15. I'm most surprised that someone read it and thought, "Hey, this would make a great movie!" Most of what I love about Eugenides is his language (not unlike my love for Nabakov); I never think his work should be translated into film.

  16. I watched the movie right after. The movie is very faithful to the book, just skips some minor parts. (Mary doesn't survive the first time.) The movie is as good as the book I would say, there's a voice over narrator. But the real strength of the movie is Kirsten Dunst who played Lux. She was really wonderful in it. The movie is only an hour and a half. I would recommend it unless you're a huge fan of the book who would be upset with the change of medium.

  17. Dude I just recently discovered this about Island and surname. Thanks to a crime show on netflix I looked up your surname tradition. Very strange and interesting.

  18. Which show? Was it good? I want to watch Iceland crime shows.

  19. Trapped. It's slower than usual Hollywood shows but I like it, you get used to it. Watched so many european crime show on netflix, and most of them are bit slower. By far 1st season of Belgian show Undercover is my favorite

  20. Exposure to bright light is very important for maintaining your circadian rhythms. That's what wakes you up and makes you sleepy at night and a dozen other things. Without sunlight, a lot of people fall into depression. In Winter in colder countries, this is common and it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's sometimes treated with exposure to a really bright Artificial light for about twenty minutes in the morning, artificial cos of the lack of natural sunlight there. It's recommended that when you wake up, you spend some time outside so your eyes get light. Indoor lighting is not enough.

  21. This whole story doesn't quite add up to me. She hates kids to a comic book villain level where she grimaces walking past play areas, but still had two? I think he had done sensory issues that you seem rather dismissive of.

  22. I know people who like their other kids but not strange kids. the issue is she doesn't see her kid's kids as connected to her, so she didn't care about grandkids, but there is a biological urge to love your own kids

  23. Most people don't grimace at playgrounds. The biological drive to love your kids more is common but I find it hard to believe someone who in general can't stand kids at all would choose to have two of their own, and have treated them well enough that the adult kids still love them.

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