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  1. Blind One 14OZ sweet condensed milk One 12OZ evaporated milk One 8OZ cream cheese 4 large eggs 2 TBSP vanilla extract Grease pan so it comes out easily Cover with aluminum foil, set in a larger pan, add boiling water and bake for 1 hour on 350. For the chocolate cake, I used box cake mix. I used milk. After an hour, add cake mix and bake for another 45 min or until toothpick is clean. I let it sit for about 4 hours and ready to eat.

  2. In the future, I recommend adding cajeta to the bottom of the pan before baking. It takes it to another level of deliciousnes.

  3. I didn’t like it as a kid but I may try it. Do you make it or store made?

  4. Confirmation email, shipping notice, and shipped email from IG. Hope that helps! GL

  5. Oh damn I think my order was cancelled. Thanks

  6. There was a hold the day of but nothing now. I wish they would have emailed me something

  7. Old Navy is my absolute favorite! Their lounge wear is affordable and so comfortable!

  8. I was able to get two pair with the help of my friends instagram. Pink and blue.

  9. Looks great! What's your favorite book(s) from those two shelves?

  10. I LOVE that splash of colour on the grey wall!

  11. Thank you! I feel like it’s missing something, I’m not the best at decorating

  12. I have found some of the most supporting bras from JCP. Ambrielle goes up to a 44 band. I wear 44DD! They have push ups, which are amazing! I personally love the T-shirt bra.

  13. Yep! I no longer post since I was asked to be a third for a threesome.. I just thought my outfit looked nice but nope dms were a mess. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

  14. How are all your boxes perfect!?? Nice collection!

  15. Top from REORIA, jeans from Old navy, tote from books a million. The star of the show New Balance “Outside clothes.”

  16. Normal, it’s from the tube they put down your throat. I’m surprised they didn’t mention that. Congrats on getting it out! Hope your recovery goes well!

  17. I had no idea that happened lol thanks for addressing my concern! Thank you.

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