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Adopted this guy - he needs a name? (OC)

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  1. If it is the matieral he doesnt like you could try boots other then that i dont know

  2. when you cant watch him put him in the crate with your shirt. He might want to be lose to you and smell your scent

  3. he has the hormones that make him h0rny so its uncomfortable for him to not breed. If neutered they will go away and he will be mor comfortable.

  4. if you need to know when they need to go potty ring a bell everytime you go out and get them to ring it they will eventually start ringing it when they want to potty

  5. When you go through the metal detector most give you the option to search the dogs harness or take it off. If you have a medical episode and the dog is trying to alert you while being searched more than likely they will think you are a fake because he is "misbehaving"

  6. some places have kennels they can stay in while you go down slides but you could get boots to avoid poppin floats and take on things with no height requierment

  7. You should defenitly ask to meet the parents and see vet records for the parents if they claim thee dog is vaccinated then there vet record to. If they say know the parents might have something herreditery that the pup might have

  8. If the dog is a service dog it should have an amazing recall. You could train him to stay in the yard by putting neon strings around his boundaries and when he goes past them call him back and give and treat. To start make sure you walk him inside the bounderies so he can see the string. He should be able to let out energy without a fence. I know this isnt the answer you asked for but just some advice.

  9. An english mastiff would work and this doesnt have to be hypothetical there are service dogs that pull carts of have attatchments for a harness to hold heavy items

  10. The way your word it does sound a bit rude. Try saying "what are your suggesions".

  11. puppy pads in the bathroom pick them up and throw the in the bathroom trash

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