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  1. machine learning a-z was good for me. You can do it in python and R. They divide the code in half after introducing a new concept.

  2. thanks for the feedback! do you know how companies really value udemy courses?

  3. Ganda maluco isso é que vai ser uma grande orgia, não? Melhor seria alugar um sítio tipo jumpers, lol. Depois avisa cá o people quando é, e onde vai ser a party.

  4. Quão barato? Talvez uma pousada da juventude tenha capacidade?

  5. Wait till you see your mother

  6. Wow!!! It looks great! I’m sorry if you already shared, but what method worked best?

  7. Hey! Thank you very much for the positive comment :) This is the method I used: Vinegar and water for 48 hours, brush it with toothpaste after. Hot water, dish soap, baking soda and some drops of lemon for 24h, brush it afterwards. Another 24h of vinegar and this time with hot water, brush it with toothpaste and a tiny brushing tool for the harder surfaces.

  8. Thanks! I'm going to give this a try. I'll let you know if I have any more questions.

  9. No problem! Just a quick note, some people said it is really not recommendable to use hot water, as it may damage the retainer

  10. A retainer is supposed to be a solid structure. Having a hole in it weakens it. It may not "retain" your teeth properly and will probably warp from that hole over time. Shifting teeth after orthodontic treatment can lead to permanent jaw issues like TMJD

  11. Well for me it looks fine and just like it was before, but much cleaner. Did those things because I was just experimenting ways I could clean it off. Plastic looked strong enough to sustain moderate temperatures. Thanks for the comment tho

  12. sorry but how did it get that vile in the first place? did you not notice? genuine question

  13. I was negligent I guess… really embarrassed looking at it now!

  14. It looks like you grind your teeth. I have the same problem. As long as you keep the barrier your teeth should be fine. Since you wear the retainer, I wouldn't worry about shifting teeth, but you might want to contact your ortho to get a replacement retainer.

  15. Yup, I do grind my teeth a lot. Will definitely get my dentist’s opinion on this, thanks!

  16. Try white vinegar. Leave ~30 mins, then brush. Repeat as necessary.

  17. Thank you, I did that. Posted the results on my profile if you are interested :)

  18. Most probably its a loose or manhandled cable. The repair shop might have missed to properly reattach all ribbon cables. Go back or open it up and see for yourself

  19. Hey man I have another question, after this incident the fan is going crazy like always running on maximum, is it possible this is related?

  20. Notifications -> Google Keep -> Banner Style -> Permenant

  21. I actually tried that but it didn’t work :( only thing that happened was it stuck longer on the screen (on top) before going away. Maybe I should update my software or something

  22. You can read about the physics behind a water rocket here:

  23. Thanks for the answers, we are supposed to resolve the problem in EES.

  24. Red longhorn beetle, maybe? I think the females are more yellow like this one.

  25. I believe you are right! Are they any kind of dangerous?

  26. Don’t drink your Mountain Dew while playing. Straws can help but sometimes when you sip through them it will launch some out.

  27. I already did it :( The first problem was that is was drifting up, then I saw videos recommending to remove that little stabilizer plastic piece, and now doesn’t drift anymore but it stays up

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