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  1. Idk about two rumble matches and a hell in a cell in one event. Might be overkill

  2. It might be overkill. But you know what, I won't be complaining tho lol it's WrestleMania season

  3. It's starting to feel like HHH is bringing people back just for his own conscious, like he feels like he let people down when Vince gave everybody the boot during the pandemic so he's bringing them back for another go just so he can sleep at night.

  4. During in an interview recently, Karl Anderson mentioned that he and HHH had a sincere talk on how things went down the last time

  5. You had to figure this would come sooner or later. He's going to be HHH's right hand man when it comes to talent acquisition, which is something he loves to do. His son is there, it just makes a lot of sense. If AEW and Tony is indeed letting him out of his deal to do this, mad props to Tony for doing so imo.

  6. There's a chance he becomes HHH's version of what Pat Patterson meant to Vince backstage

  7. IMO, I think by associating the words "all signs are", "Williams Regal" and "WWE-bound" PWInsider is basically reporting that the move will happen sooner than later. They just want to leave a little wiggle room in the reporting because shit happens. I also don't think it's a coincidence that HHH Tweeted a William Regal video before Survivor Series

  8. National media have zero creativity. They don't know how to look at teams in the middle. They can only comprehend tankers and real contenders. Also, most importantly, we just fuckin tanked for half a decade with zero luck

  9. Probably out there just chilling, attending open mic nights

  10. Baby wresting already politicking his way to the main event smh

  11. Can you just imagine if Roman kicks Sami out via a chair shot to the back because instinctively he's still wounded by how Seth did things

  12. If there's one thing I learned from last season's Bulls, it's that what happens in November and December is a far cry on what things will look come March and April. It's a long ass season, shit will happen. Sixers and Celtics were .500 and below .500 before the turn of the year. Ended the season with home court advantage. Of course we need to play better, but there shouldn't be any panic yet. I actually like our team better this year lol it's just that the horrible clutch record has been killing us

  13. Once I saw the Jazz were wearing them 90s uniforms, I knew we had it in the bag

  14. Sami and KO being so done with each other would make the fans want their eventual team up more

  15. KO and Roman be like: "Are we really going to destroy one of the best storylines ever?" "Naaah"

  16. I think CM Punk is a good person who went into a dark place after his freak foot injury/isolation from the fall out of that injury. He obviously went overboard during the press conference but I don’t think he was lying during the press conference either. People on here acting like he is a complete villain and the bucks are innocent children of god make me chuckle.

  17. Especially considering that Punk was probably very ticked off for getting blamed for the "Punk drove Colt out of AEW" rumors, which as time has gone, it does seem like he had fuck all to do with the whole thing and it was more of Tony calling an audible and just stopped booking Cabana. Hangman's out of storyline "worker's rights" promo on Punk also didn't help

  18. Yeah, I'm sure if you ask Triple H about all the releases that happened... Regal is the one that probably irks him the most.

  19. Had Tom Phillips not gotten fired, I'd guess he would be RAW's play by play now

  20. Yeah, there's more longevity to a backstage role than an on screen one and since he and HHH are boys, it's kinda of a big deal if he went back to WWE and was the right hand man of the head booker

  21. I'm surprised they pretty much didn't go for any big spots but hey if you got the story to get away with it and not fall off a cage you might as well take it

  22. They gave the most daredevil War Games spot to Iyo, which I can't blame them. That moonsault is a thing of beauty. The women cage match got the weapons and the spots while the guys' match had the big story

  23. Kazeem from the Masked Man show pod (former WWE writer) has mentioned that WWE has been planning on doing another international stadium show before Mania. This might be it

  24. Boston didn't bring their game, but the show was definitely a big thumbs up. Skip the Ronda match. But that main event tho... the storytelling. Holy cow

  25. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bloodline storyline was motivated by the Godfather. Roman said it as much that the whole gimmick is about a mafia family. Jey is definitely Sonny and Heyman is Tom Hagen

  26. Gotta remember, people thought Buddy and Malakai were gone too.

  27. Malakai did ask for his release tho. He said it himself in his statement

  28. Great design. One of those shirts that you'd find neat without knowing any context about it

  29. In my opinion, Sami Zayn had the best creative this year compared to any North American-based wrestler (not too familiar with other promotions outside)

  30. Bulls gotta be the most confusing team in the league right now. A few days ago they were going on a downward spiral with a bunch of ugly losses and then they follow that up with 2 straight wins against the Celtics and Bucks.

  31. Dude, after the loss to the Magic the other night I was fucking pissed and feeling so frustrated with this team. Then they beat the two best teams in the league back to back. I still don't know what to expect with this team.

  32. Bulls are 1- 7 in clutch games with a horrible sched to start the year (lots of b2bs and 3 in 4 nights), and you couple that with Zach trying to find his groove, it tells you that the Bulls are a candidate for an upward trend

  33. Bulls are 1- 7 in clutch games with a horrible sched to start the year (lots of b2bs and 3 in 4 nights), and you couple that with Zach trying to find his groove, it tells you that the Bulls are a candidate for an upward trend

  34. Haha Caruso with 0 points but a +14 for the game

  35. The iso scoring potential is there. I also like that he doesn't need to dribble the air out of the ball to get his shot off. He has a string of moves and it's an open shot because of his high arcing shot. Dude also can get into his bag and truck someone going to the rim. Imagine what this guy can be 3 years from now when he's... 24

  36. tbf, the Bulls are the only team to beat us in regulation this year...and they've done it twice

  37. Obviously Celtics will be the favorites, but bad matchups do exist and can make things weird if faced against each other. A bad shooting night here and there and it might be an ugly battle that you didn't expect

  38. I don't understand why they dropped the whole Daniel Garcia angle just for more Jericho matches

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