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  1. 6 weeks in the first and 6 months in the 2nd one

  2. I had to do a double take to make sure that wasn’t our pup! She had similar colourings as a puppy and now is very white!

  3. I was 19 (27 now). My best friend rented a house with 2 other girls who had parties at least 4-5 times a week. I’d drank before that night but never felt anything and thought my tolerance was just super high. So I kept downing amaretto sours and jungle juices. I probably had 5 or 6 cups that night then a shot of vodka at the end. I ended up over a toilet spinning and thinking I was going to puke. I had one of the worst hangovers of my life the next day. I struggled to eat and my head was pounding. Word of advice: remember to drink water between drinks. And stop thinking that alcohol “doesn’t affect you.” It’ll catch up to you at some point in the night.

  4. Either you’re a troll or the biggest AH alive. Holy fuck... what kind of reaction is that? I had a great relationship with my mom but sadly she died when I was 9. My dad got married a little over a year later, and my stepmom became my “mom.” I never called her that (no comparison to real mom), however, that was a thought to do. To feel “normal” and have two loving parents. I can’t even imagine if I had and she would have responded that way. I would have scarred for life. Jesus.

  5. For me it’s a trust thing. A lot of people assume I’m afraid of conflict because I’m a 9 but that’s not really the case. I just feel like most people don’t handle conflict well at all, so I don’t engage in it unless I really believe that the other person can handle it like an adult. That’s why there are certain people who I do regularly have and work through conflict with, like my wife.

  6. This is SO on the mark! I’m not afraid of conflict. I just understand how uncomfortable it is for anyone, regardless of their type. I’m happy to argue with my best friend, dad, etc... anyone super close to me without being “afraid” because I know these people will still care about me once the conflict is over. They won’t destroy my character and hurt me intentionally because they’re angry with me.

  7. God this is SO accurate. Stepmom that refused to let me have things I wanted/needed, accused me of being mentally unstable, trashed my dead mom, called me crazy if I got angry, and crushed every dream I ever had?? Cue 9 trauma 🤣

  8. Mine seem to be garlic, onions, super spicy food, foods with MSG, bell peppers, ALCOHOL, and sometimes dairy. There are definitely more... my stomach and intestines are in constant revolt lol

  9. For me personally as a 9, it’s my ability to validate others’ feelings. It’s nice to be able to open my mind and understand so many different perspectives. Unlike a lot of 9s, I’m very confident in my opinions and I’m not easily swayed. However, I always make an effort so that even if the person I’m talking to has a different opinion than I do on something, they don’t feel like I’m bashing them or making them feel stupid. I like to hear everyone’s POV on literally everything lol

  10. Okay... slight YTA but may need a little more context. Is she this way because she’s been told in the past it’s sexy or she’s learned it from watching porn OR is this just how she expresses herself when the sex is good?

  11. It seems like she may be trying to do this because she thinks it's sexy or guys enjoy it. That is how it comes across.

  12. Okay! Yeah I mean, I know it would hurt my feelings if my bf told me I was too loud, so I can see it from her side. But also... how are you supposed to tell someone this without hurting their feelings? There’s no win here my friend.

  13. Dude I wouldn’t be like ‘haha babe stop’. I fart when I’m scared. I would fart in his mouth.

  14. Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave

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