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  1. This is really nice. Only ever had it once, after randomly seeing it in a Hispanic grocery store, but I'd definitely get it again if I saw it.

  2. It's funny cos only Coke and Pepsi have their normal full sugar versions and they charge slightly more and there are no issues. So yeah I find it strange no one is attempting it. Damn Jamie Oliver and this sugar tax lol

  3. Pepsi has now changed (but not lowered the price!!) So it's only Coke left now.

  4. Honestly, as a huge fan of all sodas, I would never buy a Barr's one - they are really cheap and generic tasting.

  5. Hoooleeee shit! Thank you, that's exactly it. How the hell did you get that from my terribly butchered lyrics?

  6. Ha! It was the "meetcha" bit - it's very distinctive in the song. Plus it's a great song and I still listen to it regularly.

  7. Reminds me of the Arrested Development joke where Lucille thinks the saying is an instruction - "Hurt people, hurt people" and she thinks that's a great mantra to live by.

  8. Ummmm when did Roam break up?!?!

  9. Something by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons? Maybe "Sherry"? Or "Big Girls Don't Cry"? They definitely have a song with the "so fi-i-ine" thing in it, but I can't remember which one it is.

  10. Old Jamaica Firey Ginger Beer. The bloody sugar tax killed the one soft drink I truly loved.

  11. I agree, although they're actually one of VERY few companies who still sell the original recipe as well. It's not easy to find, though.

  12. I wasn't aware of this until now, so I've ordered a pack from Amazon. Nice bit of good news for once!

  13. Yeah, they didn't exactly spread the news far and wide. Probably because they want to discontinue it later and claim that nobody was buying it.

  14. Dennis, his lifestyle and his music are massively romanticised by fans.

  15. This is in the drink fountain at my local Freddy's. I get it every time because the other choices are all generic and it's the only place I've seen this drink.

  16. I used to share it then immediately delete the shared post. I would've thought that even if they had a tracker, simply sharing it would activate the tracker and the fact it was subsequently deleted wouldn't matter. But it never specifically told me whether or not my odds had increased. And I haven't done it for a couple of years, so my info might not be up to date.

  17. LTJ have been around long enough that anyone who got into them in their early-ish years will be old by default. I'm not quite 40 myself, but I'm closer than I'd like to be, and I go to see them pretty often. Don't even give it another thought!

  18. Yikes. Hard disagree! But no downvote from me - everyone's entitled to their opinion, even this one.

  19. Any soda with artificial sweetener that isn't clearly labeled as such. It's that first gross disappointing mouthful 🤮

  20. Never visit the UK then. They're all tainted except classic Coke.


  22. I'd be really curious to know if Irn Bru still outsells Coca-Cola since they changed recipe.

  23. Irn-Bru sales were tanking a year or two ago, but I haven't checked to see if they recovered. I hope the bastards go under. They had a unique product adored by many people, and they fucked it up.

  24. Wyatt does a great BB podcast (Sail On).

  25. That's crazy. I've been listening to the Explorers Club for years, and just got into Wyatt's solo music recently in a biiiiig way, but never realised until now that he was part of the band. My mind is blown.

  26. I'm a big fan. Their covers album is superb too.

  27. Agreed - this is a really good song and I listen to it more often than I'd care to admit.

  28. Oh sry lol, no that song is for muslim kids i think, but the one im looking for makes fun of the religion.. but thx

  29. OP I really hope you see this comment as there seems to be a problem with this thread and some comments aren't showing up. I'm sure I've got your answer and I've tried to post it three times now - it's surely this song by Tim Minchin

  30. I definitely get the feeling OP didn’t see my first response.

  31. Yeah, there's something going on. Frustrating!

  32. Hell yes. Been a big fan since 2001 or so. Never managed to see him live, but at the time of his death I had a ticket for a gig which obviously never went ahead.

  33. But both with artificial sweeteners. The fuckers.

  34. eh personally im glad its a thing! i dont like caffine as a quite literally have a phobia of it (i had and got over insomnia, fearful of it coming back!!)

  35. That's fair enough - I just wish they'd keep the original as well, so we actually have... imagine this... CHOICE!

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