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  1. its TSL, the map doesn't work that way

  2. Even so are they not right next to each other though? If you go West "off" the map he's right there.

  3. Nothing for the switch? Had hoped they might have fixed a few bugs on there along with it. Oh well.

  4. Sorry but Australia would never lose a game to one of the small island nations.

  5. You never know. I think Australia will win but Samoa could take it if theyre a but more disciplined.

  6. If this is real then take my money. I've not even played all the leaders yet but I'll take more to add to the list.

  7. Wasn’t there a crackdown on GP’s rorting the Medicare system?

  8. There's no "crackdown". The DOH's report found nothing close to what was claimed to be going on. There's always been a review agency within Medicare who audit and investigate those practitioners who billing behaviours fall outside the norm.

  9. 18 in 2004. No cash aside from whatever the uni allowance/living cost loans was at that time. Worked weekends at the warehouse. 130 bucks a week in rent for a shoebox 2 bedroom apartment. Lucky enough to get the odd 50 bucks chucked at me by the old man on occasion.

  10. Bit foolish to think our economies are mutually exclusive.

  11. Then why is the AMA pushing for it? This drug that was safe enough to be self administered for decades. This drug that they told us to stock up on in case we catch COVID, to help with the fevers and aches? What has changed all of a sudden?

  12. From what I can gather in the article it's to reduce the ability for people with acute or chronic suicide risk to stockpile paracetamol to use in overdose attempts.

  13. Except, unless they're going to expect Coles and Woolworths to take name DoB and address and sight a ID, and put it on a national DB, it won't work. They will just go to multiple stores. It doesn't eliminate the issue, it palms it off. Rather than fix the mental health system, this is what we get.

  14. Yeahhh I see this argument all the time, then I think of what would happen if they owned a Golden Retriever instead...

  15. It'd be a poorly behaved golden retriever probably

  16. The vicars behaviour seemed ridiculous and stupid throughout to me which made it quite frustrating to watch. Otherwise I didn't mind it.

  17. I think the Vicar character was supposed to be a dimwitted. The tutor claimed to have contempt for him before her imprisonment.

  18. Fair enough, I guess I just don't see Tennant as acting as an oaf maybe lol

  19. Depends what you're after. Most places will have ticketed new years packages. If you wanted to go to the Burleigh Pavilion for example (God help you) then they'll release tickets well ahead of the date and you'll need to be online as they open to have any chance of picking them up. Alot of bars otherwise release info on their instagrams so you could check those out closer to the date. From my experience it's mostly shit and over priced but I'm sure you can make your own fun.

  20. A specific person has your approval so if someone else is prescribing it then yeah they'll need to apply again. Easier if theyre an approved prescriber.

  21. I love it how the same bankers and economists who buy into trickle down theory turn around and say we need the middle class to lose their job when inflation is high.

  22. I think they believe the rich don't spend that extra money typically so its not as big a contributor to inflation, whereas it's those living day to day will spend every extra bit they get. Pretty fucked up.

  23. Reminds me of a kid I met called Ladasha, spelt L-a...

  24. Not really. Paladin dig it out of the ground. They dont operate nuclear power plants.

  25. Don’t care at this point. I lost any emotional investment years ago.

  26. I'd have to go back and read the prior books all over again and honestly don't think I can be bothered.

  27. Labart is one of the few AGFG hatted restaurants on the Gold Coast, and as it happened I dined there for lunch today! It was lovely. I'd recommend it.

  28. Labart is proper fine dining if thays what youre after. I agree. The head chef is a lovely guy.

  29. The source you mean Ashley Vance? I'm done with this conversation it's a waste of both of our time. It's not strange to call someone by their name.

  30. This has been so weird to read lol. After reading the article I agree with you.

  31. Yep I'm aware of that. Sounds like North Qld is in high need of better access. Hope it works out.

  32. One can be optimistic without being blind. They're fair concerns.

  33. I went through this type of thing. Got my flu shot. Had a bad reaction, ended up in the ER. Why? I was allergic to eggs. So... yep. This is why we don't do this type of thing anymore.

  34. Egg allergy is pretty specific to the flu vaccine. No reason not to get any others.

  35. Casino would be your best bet

  36. Medicare have limited the amount of telehealth consults one can do over a 20 day period before triggering an audit. I suspect it's something to do with this.

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