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  1. Okay so if you ever get this ordered iced, here's the hack:

  2. I had this teenage girl gimme attitude about "how seriously I took my job" and I told her straight up to "lose the attitude, I'm not the one". The group of girlies were so shocked one of her friends actually spoke up and apologized for her behavior.

  3. “no it doesn’t” i would’ve been like oh silly me i forgot YOU work here, not me.

  4. one of my coworkers asked me today if we have to be in dress code, and i was just like “bro. don’t ask for permission. ask for forgiveness.”

  5. I live by this motto, it's one of MY core values tbh 💅

  6. You can. It's just they usually want us to bri g over almost every cup like a fashion show ir something and it's when we gave a line or a ton of stuff to do ( it's almost never during a peak but still during a busy enough time, here they're holding people up. And 99.9% of the time they don't get a cup)

  7. OMG I would be petty and pull out a small Bluetooth speaker, the Polaroid and my mediocre European accent and give them a whole ass fashion show

  8. We can still make it, but prolly only limited time while we have barista cocoa powder for the Irish cream cold brew. I doubt any store will open a new bag of mocha just for dusting it with the powder. Baristas, chime in on this?

  9. Why is the clock blue??? Someone tell me that first....

  10. It's just the lighting. I took a very quick picture and my other Pixel oversaturated the photo

  11. Do you also miss a ton of notifications? I noticed I barely get any notifications.

  12. No, but that might be because of how I have my notifications set up. I've customized notifications for almost every app. Only about a dozen are given permission to actually show notifications

  13. Ugh I absolutely love it. Great strategic placement, and ur military response was super close, but calculated to the end!

  14. Thanks for this! BIOS flashing? I think I can do that...

  15. This is why i come here. For these comments 😂😂

  16. this looks like when i first started! Im not good at critique, but I can tell youre on the right track!

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