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  1. Kendall did all that. The three of them DID discuss how Matsson fucked Shiv, how he pretty much killed Logan, all of the very real reasons the three of them should vote together as a “bloc” to keep the company. Shiv had more than enough time to deal with her disappointment. Her betrayal had nothing to do with urgency or shock, and everything to do with immature, selfish spitefulness towards her brother winning what she thought she won.

  2. Hey, it was an amazing show from all of the angles. Actors, music, and it was good 'dramaturgically'. Rooted for Ken, and Shiv... Ken relied on her after that big lie revelation, and she didn't miss this time. But what I want to say - is, yeah, I think, it just showed that there weren't good people there. Maybe only Jess, who was missing this episode. I don't know what to think of Ewan 'nay' vote. Maybe, he was so afraid of that techno-bros coming, whom, he knows it for sure, may be even worse than Logan. Or maybe he did like his position at a chairboard. All of the characters were bad, and maybe Roman got the biggest say in that reckoning. While Kendall did the other way around. Kudos to the creators, it was really fun. The NY sights were amazing, I think, there might be a lot of tourists coming to see those views from the show.

  3. Jess quit Kendall and went to work for Shiv! When Shiv arrives at her mom’s house, Caroline mentions “You’ve brought your underling with you” - the camera pans over Shiv’s shoulder and behind her in the driveway with her back to the camera is clearly Jess, with her usual tight bun, skirt, and experienced-assistant manner of holding an iPhone.

  4. Coilovers+spacers, tint, exhaust. From there whatever you like personally, but just those 3 mods will make you fall in love all over again

  5. If you do exhaust please do it right and don’t half-ass it. So many people seem committed to taking these nice cars and making them sound like complete dog shit

  6. Did anyone else feel like Shiv and Roman could sense that Ken was lying through his teeth about killing the guy and it just clarified to them that he was a time bomb that would eventually collapse under his own self delusion?

  7. To me it came off the other way: I think Ken did a convincing job of telling them he was lying, and they truly believe that his story of killing a kid was a “move,” a fabrication to keep them close to him.

  8. Is your car AWD? And you have same tire size on front and rear? Looks great

  9. Looks great, What suspension mods do you have ?

  10. I was honestly thinking about oiled bronze for wheels. Just haven't had any expendable money for a while. Also dabbled with the idea of a color change via wrap once I got all the body parts sorted out.

  11. Black wheels look great but i think bronze/copper look even better on the black body

  12. People have no sense of humor, apparently. "Can't you just say you got a carbon fiber trunk without the cringe?" I didn't realize carbon butt lift was cringe worthy lol

  13. Knock it down to 10 and it’s good

  14. Yes it’s possible. Not for this one.

  15. Way to turn a dope car into an absolute joke. It sounds awful. Get a real exhaust or put your muffler back on.

  16. The only car mods worth doing on the G are wheels and sway bar. Anything else decreases the value of the car.

  17. Any mod you do to the car besides regular maintenance of OEM stuff is going to decrease its value, sway bar and wheels included. OP You paid for the car, do what you want with it

  18. I do have an automatic. How would I get a transmission updated what does that even mean. I’m just a kid so I am not going to be able to afford a ton of mod I was thinking cold air intakes and exhaust just for performance upgrades and then a tune.

  19. Cold air intakes are not going to give you a big performance boost, you’ll get a small one but not really worth the money if you don’t have a ton of money for mods. Better parts for your suspension and new/bigger tires will make your car feel way sportier and fun to drive

  20. Not sure about the breed of your current horse, but I highly recommend a Turkoman. They're both racing horses and war horses. Fast, resilient, good temperament

  21. My Turkoman at Lvl 4 Bonding literally never bucks me off. She tramples alligators for fun and will 1v1 a cougar if I let her. Just as fast as Arabian, stamina and health completely bulletproof. Get one !

  22. Depends what you’re looking for, if you want just the OEM blank rotors and pads then there are plenty of websites that have those, if you want some extra stylez 😎 and possibly some better braking power then I’d go with a

  23. Can you put the Akebono big brake kit on a sedan that isn’t the sport model ?? Replace the OEM ones? Or will they not fit

  24. When did you have these issues? I have a 2010 and haven't made a single repair. At 250k km. I'm just wondering when i can expect these things.

  25. I’m in the Northeast it gets pretty snowy ~5 months of the year, you’re saying these bodies like to rust ?

  26. Carbon hood + fix tint + purple paint, i think carbon fenders would be too much going on. Is this an 09?

  27. Southbay autoworks their customer service was ass took 3 months to get to me

  28. I hate the Porsche that was clearly a Rothman’s Porsche had the word ‘Racing’ in place instead. It was jarring.

  29. The real-life model of the Formula Drift BMW M2 looks the same as the in-game version. Lattesso is a real coffee company, and the primary logo on the livery. wasn’t a replacement

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