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  1. Billboard would list then as the biggest touring rock band of the year. Mainstream was pretty aware of their appeal and success, I’d say.

  2. Do you have access to his past tax returns? His house, computer and phone?

  3. Fire dept didn’t pick up (I called 4 times) property management company didn’t pick up either. Am I supposed to be calling 911 instead?

  4. Does the building have an emergency contact number? The fire department has one and you probably should use it - 911.

  5. Penske trucks are more comfortable.

  6. Yes, there is some Vimes Boots Theory going on here. There is, however, a federal tax credit that can help offset some of the costs (26% this year, it goes down a bit next year), and using credit for capital purchases that will pay for themselves relatively quickly is a good use of credit.

  7. One person at the top of each of these companies is making this decision.

  8. There’s a lot of Deutsch/Dutch misunderstanding in Hudson Valley.

  9. This mouse is clearly trying to get his TikTok going. Negotiate a deal!

  10. The ones with the big badadadadabombs.

  11. RCP is pulling this out of their arse.

  12. We only put one name on my daughter’s birth certificate. It was allowed at the time but it has caused her no end of trouble. Occasionally plain old conformity is ok.

  13. Soon as in a few years or maybe even taking a break now. Or going part time without getting too off course. I’m basically just burnt out

  14. Take a sabbatical and focus on fixing the burnout.

  15. I did my texit this summer. Upstate NY, near the mountains and not too far from the city. Lots of beautiful land around here, you’ll love it.

  16. I got a deal on a Penske rental because they had too many in the city I left.

  17. I can confidently say that is the most wholesome thing I've ever ready about a human being decomposed and them joyfully turned into vegetables and then feces.

  18. Lee Hayes, singer songwriter bed member of the Weavers wrote this when he was in his last years. They don’t make ‘‘em like him anymore.

  19. This would take Snowden out of the “criminal swap” pool.

  20. He’s there voluntarily, why would he ever be swapped?

  21. Shameless. I watched most of it and liked it, but don't recall finishing it.

  22. I stopped while everyone was doing pretty good. Happy-ish ending that way!

  23. Check out the Baja Ha Ha. It’s a open group that meets up in Baja every October. Then they make the passage to Hawaii together after hurricane season.

  24. I have a surprise for you. I’m not left pawed.

  25. Do you have any storyline ideas? Maybe the objective is to get through tour? What song plays during multi-ball?

  26. Set list theme. Hit things in order like Dark Star -> Other One to unlock the space/drums vortex.

  27. I love the nod to Peter Max but I think Mouse plus tie dye themes would be more fitting.

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