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  1. I figured as much lol I’m just gonna pull them as I see them

  2. I did this with one of my outdoor plants it worked but just keep your eyes open and pluck

  3. Red can mean stressed and I’m assuming she is because she’s in reveg

  4. I use the fox farm trio. And fox farm soil. I add nutes every other watering. I guess I’m asking if when I only give water, should I be adding cal mag to the “just water” watering?

  5. I’m using ff happy frog I add nutes to water every other feeding and cal mag in the middle feeding

  6. I’m in the winter and rooms at 65 keeps tent at 72-74 and 50-65%

  7. Oh damn, so I just need to go ahead and buy the fox farm soil?

  8. Are the blocking potential bud site from light or fucking with air flow? Fan leaves are like solar panels/ reserved energy and are important

  9. I stop feeding2-4 weeks before harvest and I Do a big water flush 4 days before harvest in those 2-4 weeks I’ll take a handful of leaves off every other day being selective and looking for discolored/dying less work in the end my friend 🤙

  10. I would start now before you see any deficiencies especially with the autos Just be careful cause those doses will fuk up your plant

  11. My tent is running at 74f and 63-65% I’m trying to get humidity down a bit

  12. Man plants and buds look great! Love the trim job on em too👌 fantastic outdoor growin right there!

  13. Let’s talk about the health of her she’s looking pretty rough

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