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  1. Topology looks more like the Al-Bab region, Afrin is more mountainous...

  2. Yes but i used AI to upscale it by 150%, and also injected it from 30-60 FPS, and added the slomo.

  3. Yes but i used AI to upscale it by 150%, and also injected it from 30-60 FPS, and added the slomo.

  4. I know this isn’t the best place, but anyone know what happened to

  5. damn, that's pretty messed up, they had such a sick archive of super niche footage :(

  6. idk it was during the siege of taftanaz airbase, which was under siege for months. The destroyed tank was manning a fortified emplacement on the perimeter so I guess?

  7. very mixed feelings, like on one hand it did significantly impact the muslim world, and continues to to this day, but on the other hand, the writing was kind of on the wall for the Ottoman Khilafa by 1922. The sultan had largely been a figurehead since the nationalist Young Turk revolution in around 1909 (if i remember correctly), and enver pasha, along with other shot callers dragged the country into WW1, which led to it losing 80% of its previously held territory. After the war ended in 1918, the Allies imposed a humiliating treaty on the Ottomans, which gave them around 1/4th of the current territory of Turkey. Ironically, it was the secular/nationalist Mustafa Kemal who rejected this treaty, fought against the Brits, French, Italians, Greeks, etc, and defeated them and signed a peace treaty with them on his own terms. Therefore, you can kind of see how devoid of legitimacy the Khilafa was by 1922, and I tend to feel like if Mustafa Kemal hadn't removed it, someone else would've done the same a couple of years down the line.

  8. Amazing reputation of taking hostages in school, theater, maternity hospital

  9. ikr, especially when you consider that most of the people who carried out such attacks had previously lost their families to indiscriminate Russian bombardment. Viewing their actions in a vacuum blinds you to the fact that the Russians committed exponentially more war crimes than the Chechens throughout the war.

  10. What brave warriors taking on the Russians! They are to be celebrated as one of the best in the wo… oh wait, this is who they were fighting

  11. yea, those guns they were able to buy definitely protected them from the massive artillery barrages, tanks, and helicopters that the Russians liberally used. Great point!!!

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