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Why BT and Openreach staff are striking. What you won't see in the MSM.


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  1. How is this a UK specific question you karma hungry whore?

  2. The problem with cocaine is it’s source. Weed you can grow in a terrace house attic in Durham. Cocaine needs to be trafficked through rain forests by children in home made Mexican submarines across 30 borders before it ends up in the ass of a desperate law student with too many bad debts.

  3. Genuinely considering a DIY job from the comments but we work anywhere from 50-80 hours weeks so don’t have much spare time. No spare vacation days either

  4. Post it on You get really reasonable quotes for low skilled work like this. And you can look at their reviews

  5. I bought some clippers for £15 about 15 years ago

  6. Well, you don't pull out your phone and ask Reddit. Probably act cool and talk back to her and throw in a compliment too. It made you feel good so reciprocate. Also, generally, just learn to love yourself

  7. This sub spent the last week and a half talking about how brainwashed people are for liking the royals and now most top level comments are brainwashed people bitching out someone earning £60k a year trying not to take a paycut instead of the millionaires, billionaires and MPs who are raising prices and ruining the public transport in this country for their own pockets benefit.

  8. I thought the same thing about this sub being brainwashed. Here you all are, out in force spouting out the usual rhetoric, trying to get quick karma for mentioning union solidarity. Train driving unions with £60k earners who use the general public as leverage to extort a pay rise and resist modernisation must be laughing at you.

  9. I’m 29, don’t know a thing about royalty (and don’t think it should exist)

  10. Don't know a thing about royalty and don't think it should exist. Cool info

  11. We say FFP, Fatal First Piss. And breaking the seal

  12. Which one of dryer evasion and dryer avoidance is the illegal one again?

  13. I never remember this. I'll guess avoid is legal

  14. With emphasis on 'better than most countries': Maintenance of public lands and access the general public has to them. Of course other countries are in our arena, too, but the US National Park System and our National Parks are absolutely world class and the maintenance of them is pretty impeccable. EDIT: small wording change.

  15. Some things that surprised me about your national parks:

  16. We probably just frequent English speaking subs more. If it helps, outside of Reddit people I know speak about school shootings with shock and sadness (if at all). It's about as funny as covid

  17. My brother you don't want to move to Ireland lol, average rent in Dublin is up on 4 grand per month

  18. I wasnt of age until this year so i wonder if guiness is delicious, would you recommend it? Or any irish here would recommend i give it a shot?

  19. Have you not had a beer before then? You'll hate it if you start with Guinness. Start with cool fresh draft lager and work your way into the darker beers as your taste buds wish. Going straight in at Guinness from fizzy pop seems a bit of a leap otherwise

  20. Lol sorry last question I know ur tired but whats java good for?

  21. Everytime I read biscuits and gravy, I think of Bourbons with a nice glass of hot bisto to dip in like a cup of tea hahaha.

  22. I think all workers deserve for their pay to at least keep up with inflation. That shouldn’t be a controversial view.

  23. Does "all workers" include, CEOs, bankers and MPs?

  24. If your job is shit go get a new one. Striking is for babies who just want to cry about not having everything their way instead of actually doing something about it. The rest of us have to negotiate our own employment terms, not just moan for someone else to do it.

  25. She also intensively hates black people and other minorities but that seems to be a Tory thing

  26. Push the trolley really fast then speed along with no legs on the ground.

  27. You don't shop in Lidl then. I've just realised I haven't seen a clear trolley speed track for years

  28. My parents trained me to hate helping them survive since I was 7ys old, I hated myself due to severe mental issues from being born premature 2 months early and born under the influence of methamphetamines, opiates, 1.3 alcohol level , cocaine, and still only one ide of my lungs fully developed . ADD ADHD , and possible spectrum as it was not discovered in the 70s or 80s I was not diagnosed when I was born in 1984 . I had a less than mediocre life . By 9yrs old I suffered my first drug induced heart failure from too much cocaine as I started my battle with addiction very very early sadly . Then moved out for a full time job when I was 14 , Now I’m 38 , and still less than mediocre.

  29. Tell that to my student flat landlord who refused to install ventilation in my flat that reached 50 degrees every summer

  30. How are you communicating from the other side?

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