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  1. Cute, but you are really hoping to get your owners account closed due to TOS violations.

  2. They're all scams. Use it on a T-Mobile MVNO until it gets blacklisted. You can use a T-Mobile locked phone on their MVNOs.

  3. Nice ending but that guy’s a bigger idiot than the shoplifter. It’s the same situation… what if the shoplifter had a knife? Gun? He’d be dead and nobody would be clapping at that point. I get being a hero but home depot has insurance, they make billions of dollars and lose a small percentage to theft. Not very smart to challenge them even if you’re allowed to

  4. I think honestly assessing the situation , built and tall contractor from a country where there are no rules, and small scrawny shoplifter from a farming town I really didn’t see potential for armed robbery or attempted murder . Obviously everyone will have their own opinion on the matter and the guy did what he wanted to do with no one forcing that upon him. Now if this was in a city or higher populated area ,this would have never happened im sure as everyone minds their own business .

  5. Umm, big city contractors have actually gone up against shoplifters because the shoplifters are usually tiny and doing it for drugs.

  6. They are shutting down all wireless. Even heard some rumors they are going to file for chap 11 and shut down entirely.

  7. I’m guessing it’s a modem firmware issue but TMHI is by far the worst at picking which bands it should connect to.

  8. Umm. There are ZERO other (national) WISPs that allow you to "use your own modem" and of the cabled ISPs that do - there's always the risk that your own device is NOT compatible with how they handle the network, and as such you cannot use it and get any service.

  9. Because if i do, I'll be begging for it under my tail.

  10. What telephone port? The gateways have Ethernet ports not a traditional telephone port.

  11. Just like the battery and touch screen, the phone port only exists on the Nokia.

  12. Wait, so I could plug a phone into that and have a landline?

  13. No. I think there was a plan to add voice service initially, but tmo scrapped that plan. So the phone jacks don't work at all.

  14. On the TMO side, Hello Mobile offers 500 mb for like $5 a month.

  15. Also. Were and HOW the unit sits could cause disconnects.

  16. He has an iphone 12. His wife has an iphone 11 and no issues.

  17. Oh... That's a whole new mess i don't even wanna touch then.

  18. He got it through Sprint, now on Tmobile through migration. Probably time for him to upgrade.

  19. How long have you been working for T-Mo? As someone else stated it is IMPLIED in their imaging. Same with Visible trying to say theirs was good for gaming.

  20. I just saw it for the first time just 10 minutes ago. It shows those two guys from their other commercials with headsets on gaming together.

  21. Ok, I'm not surprised. I just threw that out here to see if maybe there's a workaround, etc.

  22. The usage logs are on the website and usage stats are on the ap.

  23. But, you’re in a trusted position of help, like a doctor or a firefighter. People see your uniform and think Trustworthy/Helpful. Clearly, you are not that. Are you understanding my point yet?

  24. Big red really isn't all that big anymore. Actually, I don't think they really ever were.

  25. I would assume it's so if someone looking at prepaid options looks at Verizon prepaid and is like nah that's not gonna cut it for whatever reason they might look at one of the other various prepaid services that Verizon owns and that way Verizon still gets a new customer

  26. The problem here is they mentioned MVNOs, of which are NOT owned by Verizon.

  27. Idk, but considering that ZTE is now fully banned again in the US, including banned from sales/imports, if you do get the device - it more likely will not work properly with any carrier.

  28. Every push-up, the cage it’s the floor; you want to cum. Try to squeeze between your legs? You want to cum. Five more days for NnN. How many more for the cage?

  29. Get a smaller cage and that problem will go away.

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