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  1. My daughter is an April baby. She’s one of the youngest in the class kinder. She’s also one of the biggest. One boy taller and one girl close to the same height. Her best friend is 6 months older and about 10-12 inches shorter. Just make sure they are mentally ready and don’t worry about size.

  2. That was one of my wife’s biggest fears. Not Asian but interracial herself. I had zero fears. Sitting here on the couch during a few snow days with my interracial son and daughter. Best thing ever

  3. Probably not. I was like 8 when I played first and it was before internet. It would have been 92-93 ish

  4. Is the younger sister 18? That sounds creepy. But you have to be over 18 to be the beneficiary. I looked into it I would put my kids. But they are 5 and 2.

  5. Im going to say the Kia Hyundai engines that can jump timing if you don’t use one filter.

  6. First question did he get the new price or paid the old one? Tesla is known for terrible build quality. But even I’m skeptical

  7. I have used normal indoor connectors for that especially it you can make the connection in a weather tight section of the ap. Doesn’t look pretty but it works

  8. Also exon posted 58 billion in profit last year

  9. I have frontier in Texas no complaints.

  10. Could you share what the setup looks like? I mean from a home network standpoint?

  11. They have a fiber converter in the garage it comes into my closet over cat 6. Into their modem router access point. It has 4 ports I have that connected to my managed switch and my access points connected to my switch. I do no use the built In wireless.

  12. Can someone fix it so in’s in order?

  13. “A sensible house in a sensible area”, is wholly-dependent on where you set your standard of living/safety at.

  14. And timing I bought my house in 2018 now if I were to buy it the cost would be 120k more. And I don’t live in a major city the town just crosses 5 k people. This is in Texas

  15. There are fairly decent houses where I live for 120k total. Like you’re getting some bedrooms and a yard for sure. Maybe a bit more than 120k now but not much

  16. Zero homes in the area for less then 250k and those need a lot of work.

  17. First dress up. We had interviews most showed up in jeans. The jobs paid 50k plus. Don’t be afraid to say Google. You can’t know everything. The people we hired one showed up in a suit had zero professional it history just a home lab. The other guy showed up in slacks and a polo. One has quite of experience but showed up in Jean dirty work boots and I swear had dip in the entire interview. We are a zero Tabacco place unless you were on staff before the policy.

  18. Out of curiosity does your lay down in the sun in the summer? My dumbass one does it will be 100 + and he will go out and lay down right in the sun. And he’s black. I have 2 and they don’t want to come in the third tries stay out but she’s not built for the cold

  19. Your choice is run fiber or use wireless point to point. Either war you will need power in both sheds.

  20. There are like 2 in my area it’s a double feature and the first one starts at like 9 pm. You have to leave the car running or you will boil

  21. What is the daycare situation? My daughter wasn’t talking much until we put her in daycare. Now she won’t shut up. Little brother doesn’t get a chance to talk.

  22. That sounds pretty suspect, especially when you consider how small Jersey is

  23. I’m pretty sure I drive that distance back and forth from work one day. It’s about 36 miles each way.

  24. Velcro wraps and sticky. Wraps for cable management and stick for shelf mounted items that are under 5 pounds

  25. Use conduit. If they are about to do rock etc you shouldn’t have to trench much. A pressure washer works great and shouldn’t break any cables

  26. Must be nice my father in law drives a Saturn mini van. It’s also from New England so I really don’t want it on 2 fronts. Also my car is newer then his age and mileage and no rust

  27. Does your state use salt or sand? Mine uses salt, so the car washes are busy allllll year

  28. Sand. 7 years ago my wife had a 2010 Corolla that thing had more rust then a 98 Camry 07 highlander 09 crv 99 Tacoma combined. It’s spend 6 winters in Boston. I literally had to hammer the rims off to get the tires off.

  29. And the stealing them with usb cables. So much in fact that insurance company’s in some areas are not writing new policy’s for them.

  30. And the stealing them with usb cables. So much in fact that insurance companies in some areas are not writing new policies for them.

  31. A year ago Christmas we gave her a new bed she got a loft bed with a ladder and slide. Under it is a pink play house curtain. And a big box that’s a boat a race car a space ship stuffy storage. She has a bookshelf and someone gave away a big dresser that was painted. So we can repaint what ever color she wants it to be. She turns 6 in April. My 2 year old climbs it and slides down. We have another for when he’s bigger. Just switched him to a big boy bed from the crib. Next step is the twin

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