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  1. honestly tho, people need to start being encouraged to STOP the soda habit. that stuff is liquid sugar and is very bad for you. now i'm gonna go get me some double baconators

  2. I haven't had a soda or coffee in a couple of months. I feel better than I have in a long time!

  3. Honestly we need to pull a liquor setup on this. Other states around us have very high taxes on marijuana We cut them in half in taxes Boom all the Mass, VT, and Maine people come to NH.

  4. Here in Maine, I have no problem finding $50 dollar halfs $100 ounces. Honestly, the best prices I've ever paid for high-quality bud.

  5. Just moved up here from FL and after smoking Maine's weed for the last couple of months I'm not sure the shit they sell in Florida dispensaries is weed at all LOL and it's over twice as expensive!

  6. Welcome to Maine, the way weed should be.

  7. One way aisles at the grocery stores.

  8. you are not at all wrong. That's gross!

  9. Who the hell shops at Walmart for 3 hours? if I can't get in and out in 3 minutes, I go elsewhere.

  10. What a moron, judges really don't like that sort of contempt.

  11. I really don't care for ranch dressing at all.

  12. While normally I’d applaud you for a catch n release but in this case … that fucker lives to see another day.

  13. I would have folded it in the paper and torched the F'er. I hate those nasty things.

  14. Handsome cat. Neighbor, ugly person. What a POS.

  15. Looks like a small piece of a crab claw.

  16. Definitely, this was a piss poor drop for Gen 3. Better luck next time I guess.

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