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  1. The radio host shouldn’t have said it, and JW shouldn’t be justifying it. Her comeback here was admirable. That being said, I find her unlistenable, and her opinions on football worthless. She’s certainly watchable, though, as a pretty gal, which if we’re being honest is the main cause of her ascension. Downvote away, simps!

  2. s2-4 all have remarkable finales. In retrospect you realize how brilliantly each season built up to them. That’s why I’ve rewatched the series more than any other, just to savor how everything gets set up and comes together. Still bitter to this day it didn’t go beyond 5. I guess the show was just too expensive and didn’t get Last of Us type viewership (barf). At least it got one more season than that unbearable Westworld.

  3. I would kiss HBO if they in someway brought back Boardwalk Empire even though everything is said and done there is still so much you can work with at being a film or spin off show.

  4. Keep dreaming. They only do woke nerd hipster shit now. Ten years of The Last of Us incoming.

  5. What’s the Neytiri one look like?

  6. It’s the shot of her after she tells Roenal “my husband led the clans to victory against the sky people.”

  7. Certain parties could be forgiven for being overzealous in their response if the culpable parties that orchestrated the key machinations are brought to justice.

  8. Is anyone aware that they’re also releasing it in 3D? I swear I have never seen so little publicity over a movie being shown in the format. Which leads me to assume it’s going to look absolutely atrocious.

  9. Pretty lazy distillation of the final trailer. Was hoping for something fresh. Perhaps something that finally gives Quaritch a spoken line.

  10. Goddamn it’s so close to 700 mil domestic!

  11. Hold on, you expect me to believe that most people won't admit that they were wrong and were totally shitty to their friends and family at the request of 'the powers that be', and now they won't take any responsibility for their actions?

  12. They also don’t want to admit they were wrong for getting the shots. I always get the sense this is why most people are quick to change the subject when anything related comes up in conversation. They don’t want to confront that reality.

  13. Pretty sure they’ll only ever play that trailer from here on out. I saw this one in front of quANTuMANia

  14. Yeah regular theaters now have access to Oppenheimer trailer 2 as it’s labeled. Obviously you’d still prefer to see it in IMAX for the ratio, though. It’s hit or miss on which theaters show it because most are clueless about keeping up with current versions of trailers. Even when Avatar first opened, there were reports of people seeing the countdown teaser that debuted with Nope.

  15. One of the theaters I frequented, played the trailer for Jupiter Ascending with its old July 2014 release date…in front of Jupiter Ascending when I watched it in February 2015

  16. I don’t doubt the original trailer for Top Gun that debuted in 2019 with Gemini Man made the rounds at some especially inattentive locations until the film ultimately got released nearly three years later.

  17. I walked into a used bookstore tonight, took one look at all the employees being masked, and just immediately turned around and walked out like the grandpa Simpson meme. I just can’t anymore with these people. They’re not right in the head.

  18. The character is fine but it’s hard for me as a huge fan of Cameron’s filmography to not view his reunion with Winslet as kind of a letdown. Rose in Titanic is one of his best and most pivotal characters. Ronal I just don’t think is that integral or memorable aside from the being pregnant in battle thing.

  19. The corporate douche-bags who run the company and fund the operation are the true villains. The boots on the ground you can enjoy for being alpha and using cool parlance but they get what’s coming to them for taking the money when Neytiri has them in her arrow sights. That picture really made me laugh btw.

  20. Spider is already an important character in TWoW. Maybe the most sneakily pivotal character of the lot. His capture spurs the Sullys to go on the run. His relation to Quaritch gives the chief villain a whole new dimension. He ingeniously cripples the Sea Dragon during the climactic battle. Neteyam dies going back to save him when he and Lo’ak were home free. He and Kiri are probably in love; Kiri is potentially all-powerful; Kiri’s mom wasn’t bluffing when she had a knife to his throat; mother-daughter wedge almost certainly on deck for part 3 as a result. Spider is the straw that really stirs the drink of this story.

  21. I listen to the music from the first trailer often.

  22. Never thought I’d live to see a day where I had to cover my face IN ORDER to enter the bank.

  23. He is being cancelled as we speak.

  24. I don’t think so. He’s a respected veteran. He’s being consistent with his principles and ideals. The vast majority of non-douche bags agree with him but are too afraid to speak up. I’m sure some of the mega talent doesn’t care about the little people on sets who have to be muzzled and forcibly injected.

  25. Haha I went to a noon 3D show today and it was just me near the front and a family of about five in the back row. They still applauded at the end, though!

  26. I suppose there’s only so much you can do with the ocean. The underwater world and aquatic life forms on earth are pretty fantastical already!

  27. I’m sad now that it’s gone from IMAX. Time is so cruel. It should’ve stayed there forever.

  28. I want more than anything to see him direct 4 + 5. However, as a fan of his entire body of work, I think the nuke movie could really be a worthy addition. I’m just afraid that if he does the nuke movie he’ll have to pass the baton on 4 and/or 5. Just please don’t hire JJ Abrams. Hopefully they’d turn to his most trusted assistant from 1-3, who knows the process inside out. He’s earned the right to be the “George Lucas circa Empire and Return Jedi” of 4-5 if that’s what he chooses. Unless Avatar 3 is in the can so far ahead of release that he has a window to guerilla shoot the nuke movie while he’s biding his time.

  29. When you adjust it for inflation I wonder how Titanic stacks up to Avatar. Both A-movies no doubt were buoyed by 3D and PLF surcharges. I think maybe people rag on the perceived lack of cultural impact for Avatar only because of the cultural tsunami Cameron achieved with Titanic. That movie was everything during its original run. The world revolved around it for an entire year. First run theaters played it for six months (and had to get new prints after wearing the original ones out). Second run theaters still had it on the one year anniversary of its release. Going out on a limb and assuming it also set a new benchmark for VHS sales.

  30. Do you think it has enough juice left to pass Top Gun on the domestic chart? It’s been out for two months and was still 2nd place for last weekend. If it hangs around the top 10 through March, hopefully it can pull it off. At the very least, get to 700 mil. Hopefully the nice 3D screens will dump Ant-Man after next week and Avatar can waltz back in. This week was very sad not having any PLF availability for Avatar. It was the first weekend since it opened I didn’t see it again.

  31. I feel like TWoW should’ve made more domestically, too. It seems like it it’ll wind up with just a hair over or under 700 million. Gotta be honest, I think it’s vastly superior to some of the titles it’s going to finish behind on the all-time domestic list. Oh well, I’m sure Cameron and the studio are happy, and you can’t set all-time records EVERY time you make a new movie!

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