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  1. The twist at the end of rises with Robin and Alfred/ auto pilot gets me every time. I love it. Live for it

  2. The costume maybe but Bruce himself (whose just as if not more important) is front and center.

  3. I prefer to see poison ivy actually showing up in a film

  4. And they should have kept that original release date and tweaked some sh**

  5. It will take a moment of realization for that person to relate to Batman in some way for them to come to liking him. They need to be introduced some other way than a movie or comic it has to be related in a non-related way…. Like Batman fruit snacks or something lol

  6. Guys, I love the comments. But if these two go 1v1 who would win!??? We all know the bat would win. So fundamentally yes I give you the spider, but in actuality Batman sits higher on the totem because he would beat Spider-Man in a 1v1 ..

  7. They turned it into a competition. We really don’t care about OPs portfolio or which coin he swapped for another but ok

  8. BTC is the OG and the genesis , still hasn’t reached its full potential. Don’t maxi it, understand it. And if you understand it then you’ll understand why ETH exists. Then you won’t type a post like this. Glad to see your learning tho OP!!

  9. I just read that Franklin Richards is more powerful than all of them

  10. They keep changing it, at one point I thought it was Jean and then I thought it was Wanda , then back to Jean

  11. She SHOULD be in the next Batman movie but not as an assistant or glorified thug. LS is badass and should be written as such.

  12. I’d want her in a Black Canary or Batgirl (preferably Cassandra Cain’s Batgirl) movie.

  13. I want to see Cain give her that good ole “you left me and abandoned me” beat down

  14. Give Jean the shame walk like Cersei Lannister!

  15. I’ll say this now and I’ll say it again, HANS ZIMMER!!! He elevated that Dark Knight trilogy like he does with most films he’s a part of

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