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  1. Those who received emails, what’s the response time frame they give you before they re-draw?

  2. im going to write a letter saying proof of residency should be a criteria

  3. Yeah... I definitely get the impression from this sub that BCLC is super responsive to complaints about their rare spirits distribution process.

  4. If you click on the draw request form I think that’s 2022 and the QR code is for this year? Or the other way around


  6. Do what you want. Facebook, reality TV, Instagram, and click bait “get money” ads have turned borderline amoral shit heads in to even worse shit heads. You don’t even have to be viewing or participating on those platforms. It’s just a socialization effect on everyone to an extent, and it’s probably going to continue to get worse.

  7. some macallan 18 double cask, and nikka from the barrel

  8. I did stand up for you in your secret store post ;)

  9. From these replies I can only conclude the OP is trolling.

  10. These prices need to relax. That's a $300 pair. Max. Anyone paying 500 is the whole problem

  11. you know what, I will gladly pay 550$ now for it. thank you for making me decide :)

  12. some green spot leoville barton... yummy candy juice

  13. This feels like a loaded post, what if there are bottle hunters reading this? I certainly wouldn't be giving out my honey spot

  14. without context, this question is pointless. To drink? To invest in? To mix into a cocktail? To buy for your buddy's wedding? To post pictures of on reddit and get people to message you about a bottle that you do not even have!?

  15. Benromach 10yr imperial proof or b#4 2009. I can’t decide, sorry.

  16. sierra springs for alberta, small weird ones not many I know of.

  17. Yup, just gotta keep your eyes open, they re release every once in a while

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