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  1. Mouth really should get more votes, especially if it's not a typo.

  2. I think it's like most dream stuff...they don't "render" unless you somehow start paying attention to them in the dream, or you're going to be about to pay attention to them.

  3. This was filmed, back when this was required for an autism diagnosis, "a lack of interest in people, severe impairments in communication and bizarre responses to the environment, all developing in the first 30 months of life."

  4. According to ChatGPT, it's 40-50%. I guess that's "minor."

  5. ChatGPT is way less like a virus and way more like a corporate engineered meme. It's only going to "catch on" if THEY want it to.

  6. Open source LLMs will come about that you will be able to run yourself and trained on specific data of your choosing. Eventually someone will train them on a ton of Thai, Chinese, Indonesian or whatever.

  7. Often, if you submit the request to check its results for correctness, then it will at that point answer correctly.

  8. Thanks, that's an approach I could at least explore a bit and see if that helps my usecase.

  9. If you figure it out, I'd love to hear what your solutions are.

  10. It's cool. Explaining how specifically it's "AI-powered" would help, I think.

  11. Hi Joseph. Thank you for testing the website!😀 the web app is powered by the GPT3 API from Open AI. In regards to the 46 question unfortunately it’s just an annoying side effect of the AI being unpredictable😅.

  12. So there are a few ways to "fix" this. One way is to check for duplicates, and then send another call to GPT3 API upon the case of a duplicate.

  13. I don't know of any online stores that only take USD, that also accept Thai bank account transfers.

  14. I'm self diagnosed, so I have a very high opinion...of myself, anyway.

  15. ChatGPT will also walk you through all the steps, if you ask.

  16. Can I just say thank you for actually sitting down and taking the time to write out this explanation? My worry is that since I don't currently have the means to take an in-person ASL class, that using what resources I've managed to cobble together on my own (shout out to this subreddit, youtube, and my copy of an asl dictionary) would be in some way insufficient. My question comes both from the fact that I wish to learn ASL and that I am a writer. I always found it kind of odd that signed conversations were written out just like normal dialogue, since to my knowledge, that wasn't quite how ASL worked, hence my question. I had no idea that something like this could spark memories of such awful communal experiences, and for that I truly do apologize. My original post lacked quite a bit of context, it seems, and I greatly appreciate the effort you made to help me understand this all a bit clearer!

  17. You should read the DSM-V section on autism. It's only about four pages, and will help you get much more opinionated about autism.

  18. Q: Why do people hate levels/support need labels so much?

  19. I was answering your question of why people don't like them. People dislike lots of things that are helpful, like going to the dentist or taking out the garbage or filing taxes.

  20. It's most likely that you don't have rabies. But if you do have it, and don't get treated now before you start showing symptoms, you will most likely die. And it will be a horrible, gruesome, painful death.

  21. Basically, companies hoard AI for themselves. For example, one of the most publicly promoted AI events of AlphaGo... Google/DeepMind never even released a version that anyone could test or play against. Its only public appearances were a few super carefully chosen matches that were mostly for PR.

  22. Blu-O is bowling and karaoke. Their karaoke rooms are nice, and they have a ton of locations.

  23. Microsoft used ChatGPT to make Bing better for Microsoft. It's not using ChatGPT to make Bing or ChatGPT better for you.

  24. "I'm a student using ChatGPT to cheat on my school assignments. How can I use ChatGPT appropriately?"

  25. I think it's probably pretty common for autistic people to do this.

  26. My current favorite is Heinekin 0.0, because that's the only one I can find.

  27. I need to do it from a credit card not sure if that's possible at a exchange booth but maybe it is?

  28. Autism isn't a set of traits where if you have them enough, then you get diagnosed. That's not how an autism diagnosis works.

  29. I think a lot of people in this sub make super obvious statements about the current rate of progess in AI.

  30. Based on your preferences and considering that you're looking for a more relaxed atmosphere after spending three days in Bangkok, I would recommend spending the next three days in Krabi. Here's a suggested itinerary for your 6-day trip: Days 1-3: Bangkok Day 1:

  31. That's ChatGPT's answer, which is going to be about as good as the average poster's answer here. Note that ChatGPT has a data cutoff way before weed was illegal here.

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