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  1. Big fat ass oily thugs are the clear winner here

  2. Least homosexual nordic person

  3. Alright, but you gotta get over it

  4. I would say Robert Burns for Scotland

  5. I also forgot Greek Tragedies

  6. I've never gotten a clear answer on whether Nietzsche read Sade or not – though I'm guessing not.

  7. I would say the same for Stirner

  8. Idiot, what did he think would happen 🤣

  9. Honestly as much as i love Pan-Slavism as an ideology, its just not able to work as we can see what happened in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the USSR

  10. We need a WvP/Feminism flair ASAP

  11. I agree with a lot of your positions/ thinkers you mentioned here (Orwell, MLK, Marx, Bakunin, Bernstein, Machiavelli, Government, Left Populism), and while i dont agree with some things (The Foreign Policy, BLM) i would declare you are pretty much based.

  12. He’s also good to read as someone who’s uninformed, as he points out important texts and offers pretty interesting readings of them. It’s nice to loop back around to the classics and through to Nietzsche again with a renewed perspective.

  13. Oh nice, i will keep this in mind!

  14. Id be lying if I said same sex relationships didnt weird me out a bit, but it isnt wrong or something I have an issue with (theres alot more in my country that deserves to be persecuted anyways).

  15. Agree, same for my country.

  16. Montenegrins and Slavic people in general can be pretty tall, im Serbian and im like 206 cm

  17. I was also a Marxist-Leninist and even a Stalin worshipper at one point like you guys, but i left the ideology for good. I live in an ex communist country, and when my mother started talking to me about all the failures in the country at an societal level and all the secret rampant corruption, i decided to read into it more. I could add details but ultimately, the reason was largely the same as you guys (inevitable collapse, authoritarianism/totalitarianism, restriction on free speech and independent thinking, imperialism, tyranny, lazy people who want free stuff etc...)

  18. Serbia, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. I thought ML would be the best solution for my country's problems, since Serbia is essentialy a plutocracy and a fake democracy, that is a puppet of both US and Russia. I thought of ML and an strong authoritarian leader figure would do the job, because it was during Tito that Serbia and some other ex-Yugo nations were the most prosperous. However, after hearing of the stealing and that happened during the Agrarian Reform of 1945/1953 from both actual witnesses and numerous documents/books, i really started to kind of change my mind. Tito had a gulag for political enemies called Goli Otok or "Naked Rock". Prisoners here were subjected to horrible nonstop torture by the sadistic guards. Although Yugoslavia was devoid of Soviet influence, it was no less brutal than Soviet Satellite states as I originally thought. The secret police of Yugoslavia was called the UDBA and it was among the most brutal and efficient police agencies in Eastern Europe, next to the KGB, Stasi and Securitate. I would say that while the West was Brave New World and the East was 1984, Yugoslavia was an mix of the 2.

  19. Andrič! I’ve read Bridge on the Drina, very enjoyable and illuminating regarding the local history and culture. You really get a sense of history in that novel!

  20. Andrić was an literary genius. His work is even better when you read them in his language.

  21. I would probably say Andrić, Crnjanski, Stanković, Petrović and an book called The Roots by Ćosić.

  22. Right. I'm not religious wouldn't say I'm atheist but my parents both are and I hate atheists that are like this. They're gross. Religion is a reason for billions of people to live and if it gives them solace why would I take that away from them. People forcing their views on others regardless of what you believe is wrong even if your an atheist trying to push that shit on other people. Some people enjoy believing in a god it helps them

  23. True man, i really hate anti theists and atheists that are like that. I would say im an atheist/agnostic atheist myself, but i really dont like forcing atheism on other people and insulting/harassing them for their beliefs. Just let people practice their religion for fuck's sake.

  24. Omm. I'll say I was like that when I was a teenager and all edgy and shit but I've grown a lot and realize religion is good for a lot. Like my paternal grandma is very religious (Greek orthodox) and loves her church. I think my dad hates religion tho cuz his parents sent him to catholic school cuz she was catholic but my grandpa is Greek Orthodox. Idk but my dad is also unironically a Marxist / Stalinist so 😂

  25. I was also like that not long ago, but i have changed and im proud of it. My mom is too an devout Orthodox Christian and she is very conservative/anti communist. My dad is the opposite, and although he isnt as conservative as my mom and not as interested in politics, he is still very very anti fascist/nazi and seems anti communist. Kinda funny since many people in his family history were involved with both the resistance and the collaborators during WW2.

  26. Leftists when i tell them which party was Nathan Bedford Forrest aligned with

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