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  1. they referenced lebowski too in the bowling scene with callie and the cop

  2. cops says something to the effect of “nobody fucks with the jesus” or “mark it 8 dude,” i forget.

  3. Oh right I forgot that! My partner hasn't seen it either even though I quote it a lot.

  4. Omg i been taking the pear CBG ones wvery thursday and didnt notice this til now!!!

  5. God damn. You have got to be kidding me. Would donate to bring it back if possible

  6. I heard an author call this a phrygian chord.

  7. I’ve learned that sometimes the things that don’t look awesome often taste the best. But yeah, nailed it 😂🖤

  8. Great idea. Platform shoes circa the Glamrock era could be a step too far.

  9. I liked it too omg. The frodo thing was too easy, unless killing kevin somehow counted as “giving the wilderness what it wanted”, but other than that best show on tv

  10. I also love the humming and chanting and screaching songs too

  11. Yes!!! And wow Buffy Saint-Marie's"Magic is Afoot" is basically the shows thesis statement and they sat on it till the perfect moment! Lottie gave me chills in that scene.

  12. *tabs away from reddit to work on FileTransferMeter*

  13. (POC stands for proof of concept im this context)

  14. I mean... I've got an RV-500 as my main, but the Zoom MS-50G and Zoia both do reverb, so technically I have three. I'm gonna set them all the reverb now and see what happens.

  15. You ever just, like, stack ghost verbs stil you run out of cpu on zoia?

  16. The answer is 4. 4 Ghostverbs.

  17. This is a deep and good question, I'm sorry you're getting downvoted. There are historical reasons, but there are also (sometimes forgotten) mathematical reasons. Frequencies are percieved "exponentially". For instance, 2x the frequency is 1 octave up. They've been making music by multiplying frequencies by things like 3/2 and 9/8 (approximately, but not exactly, the fifth and a whole step on a piano) since antiquity, and at some point added in major thirds, clocking in at 5/4. From a modern "piano is a big linear array of keys" perspective, this is nonsense. Two whole tones is 9/8 * 9/8 = 81/64 should be equal to a major third of 5/4, but its off (punch it into a calculator to see). So two whole steps are not a major third. Is this good, is this bad? It certainly makes things more complicated.

  18. I used to know a prominent vegan youtuber who ate meat when the cameras were off. Its all fake, but the sounds it makes are the sounds it makes and the features it has are the features it has.

  19. Congrats buddy. This happens to me now and then too, but never on command (yet). Keep practicing, i sure will

  20. Irridium into a cheap bluetooth speaker. Sounds fantastic

  21. I'm on valium and ketamine while waiting for surgery, I hope that counts as me four??

  22. thanks friend, just a few more days of being high off my tits and then they'll pop me open and fix me up. I've been on bed rest for almost 3 months, I'm ready to rejoin the land of the living

  23. That sucks. My partner had to get carpel tunnel surgery in february and we spent her bedrest rewatching season one. Heal fully my friend

  24. This reminds me… I also like Don Cherry. Perhaps I’ll listen to Don Cherry.

  25. Use relational databases by default. Go with non-relational database to address special cases at-scale when you have a compelling reason to use them.

  26. This, but also there are tons of sharded relational systems that can give you that relational goodness into the petabytes.

  27. Put the Strymon before the Strymon but after the Strymon

  28. I would flip it around and send the strymon in to the strymon and THEN put the strymon before the strymon

  29. don't you think that'll make the strymon sound a bit muddy?

  30. i did something similar but instead of dividing octaves i used an sv filter with low pass controlling one voice band pass controlling a second voice and high pass controlling a third you can control three voices at once that way but it can get unpredictable what note they will be playing sometimes

  31. When you borrow a chord from another mode, just remember to pay it back. So if you’re in C major and you play a D major chord, you owe the lydian mode 50 bucks.

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