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  1. I guess we could maaaybe do it for like Nikola Jokic and a first?

  2. It’s always the little things preventing these logical trades from happening.

  3. Not a promo, but the backstage segment where Sheamus tells Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim “Well how bout I rip your head off and fuck your girlfriend!”

  4. He's a well regarded veteran indie guy.

  5. The only reason the Kings are considered the worst team in the NBA is because most people forget the Wizards exist.

  6. We played a game against SAC during the 20-21 season that looked like a shitty version of that Spiderman meme. Equally bad teams trading bricks.

  7. One day you’ll all know the name Deni Avdija

  8. Man, your going to another sub to troll about a 4-6 shooting stat line. Pathetic

  9. Wiz are my team I’m on this sub often. Just tired of the hate for the Laser.

  10. go cheer for mavs then he ain't on this team anymore

  11. I will. I’d cheer for the Wizards if they were in the playoffs, dickstain.

  12. I still have my fingers crossed for some draft lottery magic. C’mon Adam Silver make it happen!

  13. for sure bro its sad when the only people I can remember that wear headbands now are Jarret Allen and Alex Caruso and that's just sad

  14. KCP, Bradley Beal, Jimmy B, Boogie, Klay, Bobby Portis, Pascal Siakam. That’s all I got off the dome.

  15. Mavs were playing small ball this whole post is moot until they play the 5 traditionally

  16. Just like Lebron to follow MJ to the Wizards.

  17. That's because the Wizards were not good and had no real future. They have no future superstars and should tank as hard as possible instead of making these pathetic, Hornets-esque playoff pushes that are totally pointless and only serve to cripple the franchise.

  18. They’re gonna give Beal the supermax. The team’s future is compromised regardless at this point.

  19. Good point. I’m a Wiz fan so Trez made my list as I watched him more this season.

  20. John Wall hasn’t played NBA basketball in over a year. Although I’m sure he still has an amazing vision for the game, his role and play style isn’t spot up shooter like Klay. As much as it would be fun to have Wall back in DC, I fear he’s just not going to move the needle for The Wizards. The team we have now is not the grit n grind squad Wall had in 16/17. We need young knees and I want to pay Jalen Brunson that Dinwiddie money.

  21. The Wizards have Anthony Gil. He’s the heart and soul of the franchise.

  22. Popped some Aleve and ready to rock.

  23. It’s about to get Kennarded in Los Angeles.

  24. This is exactly like when Jesus was crucified, resurrected, and returned to earth for 40 days before ascending to heaven never to be seen again.

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