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  1. At half the cost maybe. WhistlePig is drastically and tragically overpriced. You're getting juice that's probably worth 40 bucks for that

  2. In these camps Jews were actually housed in separate sections and treated far worse than the other prisoners. There were also special sections at some camps for political prisoners and pows. Still, camps which housed Jews in general had very specific sections for those Jews if there were any other prisoners in the camp

  3. Are the auctions online? Market? In English

  4. The auctions that I utilized were online but not in English. Also have a not insignificant amount of people who market things as unopened but the wrappers have been removed. To me it's a huge issue. I purchased a hibiki 17 50.5 non chill filter at auction and I was super excited about it only to have it arrive with no seal. And you basically have no recourse as a buyer in Japan especially if you are not native

  5. Hi, where is the best place to sell the bottles? I have a small collection of yamas and hibikis I'm looking to sell

  6. I don't sell bottles I only buy them. No point in selling tbh. I'm happy to have my own collection

  7. I think those are California price.

  8. All purchased in Japan during the pandemic days when the tourists and businessmen from China and Korea weren't draining the volume. Prices really dropped.

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