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  1. Check out Tubi original Trap House on June 9. I wrote it!

  2. I met some of my best friends by going to a TAB show alone and lining up early. Of course that didn’t happen every time I went to a show alone but more often than not I’d find a group to hang with for the night. If you’re not vibing with the people around you, move somewhere else. I also find it easy to talk to people at shows because we all have something in common that’s very important to us

  3. Its my usual answer in this type of threads but Sinister had a terrible ending. For me it was 10/10 movie up until the last part and then 2/10 thing happened which turned the entire movie into a meh 6/10 affair.

  4. There are 2 movies with that title from that year. Are you referring to the American one or the Korean one? I’ve been meaning to check out the latter

  5. Just curious, how’d you get in with tubi? I’ve written a few tubi originals for them

  6. Thanks! And that’s some BS. What was the fest?

  7. Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles does this as well. Great venue otherwise but hate having to fork out so much money for a basic human right

  8. Write Along with David and Cargill is pretty good. Short episodes too

  9. Did you ever find it? I thought this movie was pretty good

  10. Nice job! I wish I could jam with you

  11. Uwe Boll's Rampage. It became too real after seeing so many shootings happening recently. I saw it a few days ago and knew that this movie could never be made today.

  12. And his movie Stoic. I hear how much people hate Uwe Boll but those are the only two movies I’ve seen of his and I enjoyed them both. Stoic was especially fucked up

  13. this could totally pass for a dead song

  14. That’s interesting. I’m having a hard time picturing it. Who would sing it?

  15. I live in Key West! Welcome, definitely let me know if you need any recommendations on music, food, etc!

  16. I’m visiting here this week too. Any phish/dead related live music around?

  17. I’m in key west this week too. Any phish/dead music happening around here?

  18. 10/17/21 The Chase Center- my friend fell off the balcony. He shattered his hip and damaged his liver.

  19. This was going to be my answer, it happened a few rows above me. The sound was awful. Then come to find out someone else fell that night and died. Everybody was talking about how unsafe those short plastic rails were, even before the accidents. I hope they’ve improved them since that night

  20. wow dude that was grate, lead sounded awesome but the whole band is solid.

  21. Thanks, it’s not even my band I’m just sitting in (I’m the one with the alligator guitar). They pretty much rotate members every week except for the other guitarist, so I’m not even sure if this particular group has ever even played together before. But they were all a blast to play with

  22. Pretty sure what you heard was the sound of thousands of people screaming out Bo's name.. It's the ONLY explanation that makes sense.

  23. Kind of reminds me of my experience seeing some band called Goose

  24. Thanks for sharing. Run was so well written and is a perfect film to study for those trying to break into the industry. I love seeing you guys post on here, keep it up please!

  25. Can you post a screenshot? Or a time stamp of a specific video so we know exactly which version you are referring to

  26. They really screwed it up. I believe it goes to the prop designers and or the producers if they said they want it to look cleaner (they dictate everything in a movie if they choose to). The script doesn’t mention anything about TVs, but it does say the speakers are “7.1 surround sound.” Even for the part that is supposed to be in the past.

  27. Are you referring to the script for Jigsaw or one of the OG movies? Would you mind sharing it with me also?

  28. I hope Heather McDougal song makes the cut

  29. I saw an early screening of Bones and All over the weekend and I loved it. The characters were definitely trashy and that’s something I liked about it. Takes place in the 80s though I think

  30. So cool. How does this even happen

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