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  1. This was around the time he hosted that talk show, live from a condo in the Hollywood Hills. A quick burst of bebop jazz between each segment.

  2. He also did a bit of work in the Catskills around this time. I forget if he mentored Lenny Bruce or it was the other way around.

  3. That running joke where they would cut to Lenny leaning against a set-dressing pillar, take a drag on a cigarillo and point it to the camera saying "You cats better believe it!".

  4. I'm old enough to remember when he was arrested at the Jazz Workshop in San Francisco for doing his popular "flushing toilets" routine.

  5. Although this is a bit of a dead subreddit. I think you should know that Found Footage Festival has little to do with the stuff you keep posting here.

  6. Ha! I remember YTP from back in the day. I thought it had long since disappeared, but now I am seeing all sorts of Jordy stuff tagged as YTP.

  7. I'm thinking more along the lines of extreme egregious classic YouTube poop done on these creeps and perverts except with some "are you aware" "sniffing" "take the towers down now" obnoxious drops thrown in with the mamaluigi pingas dinner

  8. So old school then. I'm seeing tons of stuff tagged YTP and nearly all of it lacks the the proper CDI Zelda animations.

  9. Agreed. That's one good looking cricket. I'm guessing he's fully loaded with serotonin because he's at the top of the male dominance hierarchy.

  10. I had no idea what he was even talking about until a girlfriend pointed out that maybe Jordy thinks she's wearing a see-through negligee with lace heart panties. Also she has sparkling nips.

  11. I know I’m late to the thread but loved reading your dedication to little toadlets. Only thing I can add is, if you need to do it again, you can very easily and inexpensively culture flightless fruit flies. I mean incredibly easy. Very passive way to get food for small animals. I keep spiders and currently raising baby jumping spiders which are so small they are primarily subsiding on fruit flies. There are two main fly species readily available, hydei and melanogaster, which are different sizes but they culture the same way. And each culture is good for a few weeks but creates thousands of flies. Before one culture dies, you can create another for pennies with adults from the original culture and continuously create food for your animals as long as needed. You can find plenty of resources online like youtube on how cultures work and the life cycle of the flies. Online places like Josh’s Frogs sell cultures and starting kits too!

  12. Thanks for reading and adding to the information in the thread! Hopefully the OP and you and I have added some information that will help other responsible nature lovers out in the future.

  13. I feel a bit bad because i hope this isn't implying that I think she's dopy or airheaded or whatever, cuz I don't think that a bit. It's just that deer-in-the-headlights look of someone new to the craft (or just not terribly good at it). and that's on youtube.

  14. Agreed. That frame hurts this loop. As a person who gets stuck in visual and auditory loops, I want to fix it even though I dislike her.

  15. The title isn’t hyperbole. It’s about actual Nazis being recruited into the GOP apparatus. A lot of people love to comment on the title of something before reading/watching the contents. This is a bad trend.

  16. I did watch this. And I do support your efforts and time. I also accept your legitimate criticism without downvoting even though others have not been so kind.

  17. My understanding is that he was a shithead even before starting his YouTube channel.

  18. Whatever can be said about his personality, he was actually a pretty decent skater and clearly he wanted to be a reporter or a rock star.

  19. Actually it’s Thanos he talks about. Thanatos is the alternate reality version of Hulk’s sidekick Rick Jones. <\nerd voice>

  20. I didn’t initially plan on having the sound of the lid tapping the seat but it didn’t seem right with just “toilets” so I recorded myself in the bathroom lol (flipping down the lid). Also, it’s right next to my shower that I use 4 times a day in order to stay muscular.

  21. As long as you used Dr. Zizek's methodology for analysis of the way your turds interact with this particular toilet design as a cultural critique of capitalism, I approve.

  22. If you don't think that online harassment played a serious role in CC's mental decline you need to seriously reevaluate your critical thinking skills. They're a mentally disabled person facing quite possible the most highly co-ordinated and ongoing online harassment campaigns in history.

  23. It's nice to see people with nuanced takes on Christine these days. She had 15 years of targeted online harassment abuse with little or no support. I can't imagine any one making good life decisions under those circumstances, let alone somebody who is neurodivergent.

  24. The photo was a gathered shot of documents, yes. That is not the problem. Trump is using the photo to confuse people.

  25. Actual demon. More big brain takes from Dennis "spousal rape is ok" Prager.

  26. According to Dennis Prager rape logic (ie the law is the only thing that keeps men from raping), I'm thinking that the only reason he doesn't keep slaves is because of the 13th amendment.

  27. Since he doesn't wanna say working class but still wants to pretend to represent the "every day worker" he uses that phrase instead. Muscular as in working with their body opposed to the elite that doesn't produce anything and are thus not strong and muscular.

  28. This is probably a pretty good analysis. He needs to keep the focus off of anything that might evoke class struggle. Muscular class is so stupid sounding that it couldn't have possibly been terminology used by any actual political theorist.

  29. I went to an older relative's house earlier, where CNN is on 24/7, and I was shocked to see Jake Tapper talking about Kefflals getting swatted and going into explicit details about Kiwi Farms' doxxing and harassment campaigns.

  30. The story is difficult to cover because, to tell it correctly involves heavy backstory and understanding of nuance as well as the discussion of many uncomfortable details. I'm sure CNN's reporting is superficial at best.

  31. Why are you trying to get this subreddit to show sympathy for some deranged, violent, homophobic, misogynistic fuck that raped their disabled mom?

  32. How much more treasonous, insurrectionist acts are we going to put up with from these literal christofascists until what's left of our withering democratic process is completely smashed into outright authoritarianism?

  33. Seems like a pretty clear example of of Popper's tolerance paradox to me.

  34. Georgia voting system was illegally breached after 2020 election. Gee I wonder how in the world that could have happened. Perhaps we should talk to the IT specialist who was escorted into the election office.

  35. This story is a great example of why the right is so good at coming up with stuff to accuse the left of. Trump was the master of this type of projecting accusation, but even at the local level, Trump supporters are likely committing the crimes they accuse others of doing.

  36. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and comment.

  37. So much love for anyone in Red states or rural areas when they see can see through the bullshit.

  38. Fountain was submitted to an art collection more than a century ago. The art society it was submitted to was bound by it’s charter to accept it. It is in this same spirit, this new character is submitted in TPUSA format on meme weekend.

  39. Yes, only the photo of the original remains. Even when you see photos on the internet, most of them are of reproductions. This meme depicts a copy.

  40. Alex Jones is the Spartacus of school shootings. His remaining supporters are now expected to stand up and say that they too were the guy that killed those kids.

  41. Imagine if a political party used that color 😈

  42. Corporate communists! ...and oh yeah, North Korea and the CCP in China. Definitely only communists who want to undermine American values.

  43. Actual devil makes observation of how other guy kinda, sorta looks like "the devil" as portrayed in a Marvel movie.

  44. If anything Steve Jobs was an overly confident dude. He had very little insecurity and I think it explains a great deal about his success. He was often confidentially abusive of his underlings. So it makes sense he didn't give a shit about what people said about his clothes or his lack of hair.

  45. Well put about Jobs. To put it gently, It was his way or the highway.

  46. Clearly the media corporations need a serious correction in what is deemed acceptable content, but that isn't ever going to happen in a system in which profit is the sole driving factor.

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