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Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

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  1. She absolutely belongs at that table... Not a compliment.

  2. Maybe she can take Sam's seat? He's had a bit of a redemption arc.

  3. Intellectual dance music? Boards of Canada! And that’s in the bible.

  4. My absolute favorite. I still hear the influence of BoC in modern electronic music decades later. Some RMs crossover appeal here must be his use of samples.

  5. Didn't this very vocal anti-fascist stance ultimately result in all the fascists in America taking complete offense? Even back then antifa was falsely equated with communism.

  6. This video was great, but the best part was the omission of San Diego resident Matt Baker. I'm still confused as to why anyone thought a California resident needed to voice his concerns about Arizona elections. There are plenty of local Arizona morons who could have done an equally embarrassing job.

  7. The best one was the guy before her. With the beard he started off the a list of job and things he did. And said that he was in the election for school board leader. So I looked him up and my god the video on his website is the most sad life story I’ve ever heard. Basically he lost everything because of meth and alcohol.

  8. Much like fixed gear bikes, Dave Rubin photoshops are over.

  9. This super clip is excellent, but let's not forget

  10. Maybe if Hitler wrote Gold Digger people would feel differently about these memorials?

  11. $45? 10 of us that's $4.50 each and we can vote on a msg... maybe hit all the famous soundboard phrases? Acknowledge RM's mastery at the soundboard that David is so obviously trying to emulate?

  12. I like this idea. Get Pikmin's versions of ALL of them. Even the two Arun Brown ones. Then we convince RM to dump all of the originals and use only David's versions. If people hate the Yoko drop, they will love Paxmans.

  13. Well, RM has admitted that the algorithm helps him. He puts the names of the grifters in the title which helps. And I don’t think he swears. Not to downplay what he does, it’s very funny and unique.

  14. I've not been at this very long so I am fairly new to understanding things, but a number of my videos are little more than algorithmic tests. I used to think that swears hurt -- I have a video in which Jordan swears profusely in the first few seconds. It never gained any traction even though Jordan is easy to get algorithmic hits from.

  15. I admit. I was skeptical with the first "naw...naw...naw..." thing, but this definitely confirms it.

  16. Legitimately scary times here...I live not far from where the armed protestors stood proudly outside of the FBI field office with AR-15s after the Mar-a-lago raid...

  17. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt. That was Maryland State Senator Clay Davis from The Wire.

  18. I'm surprised Doo Doo Brown isn't getting more love. The roasted wieners at the end that are possibly keeping "some student's wired' makes me pretty sad I didn't get to see more.

  19. Some people think that he might be overstating the case. THINK AGAIN BUCKO!

  20. I think... I think, now this comes from a really deep level here... a REALLY deep level. To boil an egg, you must first understand the archetype of the egg...and so...and so... the egg represents the potential of life. And Piaget suggest that our understanding of eggs is entirely dependent on the mental models we construct of boiled eggs that were developed in early childhood. So what does it really mean when the potential of life is boiled? That's the question the murderous Karl Marx and the devilish Jaques Derrida never asked.

  21. If you haven't seen, I used the debate footage of JD Vance being questioned about Joe Biden letting fentanyl cross the border to kill MAGA people and the beating an old lady bit.

  22. If you can't stand to listen to Tim Pool sing even with his corrected lyrics and messaging, you can listen to Ian Crossland excitedly partner with Alex Jones to sell NFTs at the 1:11 minute mark.

  23. Not since Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' books have werewolves, vampires and clueless chowderheaded conservatives crossed over, iirc.

  24. It's creepy to think about Herschel werewolf imprinting on Bella's unborn baby like a true TEAM JACOB werewolf.

  25. Don't expect true Krep Deep Cleaning from this kind of inferior knockoff.

  26. Is he? Was he upset that Seder forced him into doing that Hello Tushy ad read?

  27. Starting to think that all comedians should die quickly after they garner any amount of acclaim. That way they could all be remembered as fondly as Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg, and Greg Giraldo.

  28. Lmfao I love that just being middle aged Jim brewer is listed. It really is quite offensive. At least disgusting, at most, probably illegal.


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