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AITA for missing my child's birth because I had to take care of our pets?

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  1. Leave immediately! Fight for custody and hope they get the mental help they need.


  3. Lol. You're just depressed. You'll feel better after your 7th booster.





  8. Is this the antiwork mascot?



  11. Yes. Thank you for this gem. Always cracks me up.

  12. YTA No question. That's the birth of your kid. Should of been there.

  13. Wow. Disgusting. Why so many pedo defenders. That's sick

  14. Take a step back. You are supporting taking children to a sexual event in drag bars. Wtf is wrong with people?

  15. Welcome to reddit. A whole lot of sickos and pedophiles.

  16. I disagree. The hours are not optimal. 40 hour work weeks are scientifically proven to be harmful (and this is more than 40 per week)!

  17. Your beyond an asshole. This is just pathetic.

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