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  1. No, you see, the modern world is your mythology. I realize most people aren't quite as devoted to the foundations of logic as I am.

  2. Christianity is literally regarded as Christian mythology. The only difference between you and other different mythologies is that you simply believe it. People used to believe in Roman mythology until it died out, the exact same will happen to Christianity. It’s a waste of time to regard Christianity as fact, when it’s not.

  3. No, not a single word of what I just wrote has registered.

  4. Once again, Christianity is a waste of time and it's simply just mythology. If you're looking for fiction to read, I recommend LOTR.

  5. Kinda is though, I'm nearly at -2000 comment karma

  6. Too bad capitalism doesn’t work that way……

  7. I’m just assuming ancap will operate similar to feudalism, as both have a sole land owner and competition doesn’t exist. Seeing how there’s nothing stopping someone from owning everything.

  8. Yeah, you are in fact making a lot of assumptions, almost like you have an Agenda and need to reflair.

  9. Not really no, we can compare ancap to economic systems that have been in place. Such as with Laissez Faire for the long hours for little pay and with terrible working/living conditions. In Ancap you’ll be lucky to afford to a gun. With feudalism, everything is owned by a sole land owner and private property doesn’t exist. Which like in Ancap the corporations will form a state to protect their power and wealth. Then we can compare it to corporate towns, which everything was owned by the corporation and they paid you in corporate bucks. So you can use it elsewhere. And corporations today using slavery in Africa.

  10. Looking at the game, it looks like they spent most of their budget on the musicians.

  11. Well if property rights dont exist how can rich dude say its his

  12. through violence, as he'll own a state in his on right. The difference between ancap and feudalism is simply the name change. Rather than king, it's CEO

  13. Your argument is like a libertarian going "anyway, the US military has all the nukes, tanks, missiles, etc. so basically the US is just a military dictatorship because obviously they can just take over and force everyone to work for $1/hr."

  14. First of all, they aren't going to sell their companies. It's just going to be taken by force, since it's a lot easier to do and it's free. Compare it to modern corporations today, Laissez Faire capitalism in the 19th century, feudalism, and to an extent mercantilism. As the corporation will form a state under nationalist principles, that way it can rally support. Corporations already indoctrinate kids when they're younger like McDonalds with their toys. So it's expected that there's a lot of propaganda under ancap to gain control.

  15. Woooaah capitalistic country's culture has root in capitalism woahhh. Best musicians of all time play guitar in exchange for dollerinos in there case woaaaah, Movie industry charges dollerinos to see movies about anything they want woaaaah. Why freedum not free??!??!? :O

  16. lol, I'm just saying a lot of "traditions" in the US started because someone saw an opportunity to make money

  17. The pledge of allegiance was written in 1887 by Francis Bellamy, who was a Reverend not a flag monger. So dumb ass libright cunt doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


  19. If you want your eyes to permanently roll into the back of your head, check out OP’s post and comment history

  20. The Right has always wanted affordable healthcare... Maybe you're confusing affordable with free?

  21. No they haven't, the right opposed making insulin affordable. They also wanted to repel the affordable healthcare act. The conservative playbook is to do nothing and then try to get all the credit

  22. Listen, this is right to some extent. To some extent.

  23. It gradually happened over time, but I think the Southern Strategy made it obvious.

  24. The Republican party of the 1970s intentionally appealed to Southern voters to pull them in. Sure. Lee Atwater has quotes where he said as much.

  25. According to the Southern Strategy, the Republican party used racism to gain southern support

  26. Dems "Hmmm our party has a super shady past rooted in slavery and oppression, what's the plan?"

  27. The Democrat Party used to have a conservative wing and The Republican Party used to have a liberal wing. If you look at their geographic location, the North has always been more liberal. Which is why Conservative Democrats used dominate the South. It's not like the sides switched ideologies, that's retarded

  28. Almost all the 11 disciples were killed in gruesome torturous ways due to their belief in Christianity. You think it’s a little odd not one of them would have renounced it all if it was fake to save themselves the suffering.

  29. Honestly, I don’t know the mythology behind the story. But most likely it didn’t happen.

  30. Yeah I don't know many psychopaths who resurrect after being crucified. And with such a silly take you should change your flair to libcentre. They have a lot of those these days

  31. Jesus didn't resurrect...... that's considered christian mythology. Soon you're going to say prometheus gave us fire

  32. The description in parenthesis kinda deflates this post, no?

  33. Why else do you think I want to go back to a Monarchy?

  34. Maybe if you weren't flatly wrong about every religion all at once no one would care. It's just incorrect and offensive to every religion while ignoring several major religions, you dipshit

  35. They were messengers of God, nothing more. As messengers, they deserve proper respect, but not worship. This would be idolatry.

  36. Dude, they weren’t messages. They were psychopaths/sociopaths. No good person convinces others to worship them as a god

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