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  1. /uj can anyone help me find the problem here? if the top climber has the bottom climber on belay then what is the issue? sure you could take a swing, but not every route you climb goes vertically without any deviation. i am confusion

  2. Throwing a piece in the top of the flake and extending it would protect the follower from a cheese grater whip and cause minimal rope drag.

  3. Maybe it's an Alpine route and they have to move fast and light? Maybe they're both incredibly comfortable on the terrain and this pitch was more of a "move the belay" situation for them?

  4. It’s not alpine, it’s at my local crag, and the leader moved up the flake quickly while the follower struggled a bit. Just seems like a lapse in judgement from the leader not to protect the follower.

  5. I really hope for a regional screening. Watching it at home is nice and all, but it’s not the same

  6. They’re seeking venues so a lot of in person screenings since Covid “disappeared”

  7. He attached a bunch of north face duffels to it and filled them with helium

  8. Pretty funny. And the author seems to know that parenting is the hardest thing on earth.

  9. member exclusive? what is this, onlyfans for incels?

  10. How much chipmunk would a wood chipper chip if a wood chipper would chip chipmunk

  11. Just say hi to the other climbers dude… this meme feels like it comes from somewhere deep. Everyone is nice at the gym and someone will take you outside. Once they get you on top rope they haul you up a 5.8 while you hangdog.

  12. Or you tell them you’re recovering from a shoulder injury to save face and convince them to climb as well. After all it’s a beautiful day and why not get a few burns in? They send easily and say no big deal as they approach the chains. “Take!” they yell down to you. You grin and take them off belay as they sit back in their harness. You wonder as you watch them fall into oblivion if there’s anyone close enough to hear the screams.

  13. I just use the bd dyneema 240cm or a 120cm depending on the situation

  14. Have you tried a PAS in thong mode? This would keep your cheeks from slapping and provide an extra contact point once you each the anchor

  15. If you’re not short fixing your follower so you can grab a snack are you even a trad dad?

  16. After climbing a multipitch just yeet yourself into oblivion and hope a giant eagle catches you and carries you to Mordor

  17. I think you should stop rubbing your weiner on the route you're climbing, but I'm not trying kink shame you here.

  18. It’s generous you think my wiener reaches further than my belay loop

  19. She thinks if I shave it’ll make my belay loop look bigger

  20.'s a shame how few "true climbers" are left who know anything about actual climbing. Now the sport is overrun with gym babies who drive their rented zipcar up to the gunks once a year to piss their pants on a 5.4. These people are NOT trad climbers, they are sport climbers. plugging their cams in safe crack at known locations. hell, half the people that climb at indian creek probably fit this description today.

  21. All you did was quote Webster’s Dictionary definition for “aid”

  22. I picked up Rocky Talkies this summer and I couldn’t be happier with them. Way better than trying to scream over the wind.

  23. Mission! Meaning always on a mission to find parking there

  24. I don’t foresee your fitness being the issue since I highly doubt you’ll be the most unfit person in your group. From what I saw with guided parties when I summited last year, they turned around due to a member getting acute mountain sickness (AMS). Drink a ton of water while you’re there and get a doctor to prescribe you zofran, an antiemetic.

  25. I’m taking an aid/big wall course this spring and the instructors assured me it’s not aid

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