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Witness says she went back to ‘thank’ Daniel Penny after Jordan Neely chokehold death, is ‘praying’ for him

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  1. We can’t track group sessions (for some reason they don’t show up in your recently played list in the api. We have no idea why Spotify does it like that).

  2. ohhhh so skipped songs do get logged in the data and can be counted? i stopped skipping songs if i can help it and sliding the play bar to the end of the song

  3. well see you made that up about the kid’s dick getting cut off. it isn’t happening anywhere but maybe your imagination. but the exploitation of children’s labor is a reality

  4. i’m trying so hard to understand the context of the jaida comment 😭😭

  5. All my life living in NYC and I’ve never seen this that shit before. I’m not talking about living downtown or quiet spots, I’m talking about dyckman back in the 90’s and Bx where the cops would slap taste out your mouth.

  6. yep happened just a few weeks ago

  7. Sounds like you making it more than what it actually was but ok, you got it. Cops came full speed and nearly ran you down.

  8. if i was 2 steps ahead of where i was i woulda been ran down by the cops driving on the sidewalk. yeah

  9. remember when thorgy wrote trixie that note 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. on all stars 3 thorgy left a note for trixie after she was eliminated by shangela and said like fuck shangela and shangela sawr it and got mad at trixie for what her friend thorgy said

  11. “thanks detox!” 🙄

  12. It’s possible, it’s worth noting that many theme park reviewers think Tokyo DisneySea is one of the better, if not the best Disney parks

  13. been to disneysea and it ruled

  14. blu was safe the first 3 episodes of ukvtw

  15. that’s exactly why gay people exist. MAX POPULATION is not actually evolutionary beneficial. at a certain point in population, you need less people having kids and more people able to just help take care of kids. ergo gay people. there’s a reason queer people have existed in every population since the beginning of time

  16. the community of adults being able to adequately take care of the children in said community is….. a bad reason not to be straight

  17. spice seamlessly going from pretending to eat the sledge hammer, to joking about cousin fucking, to pretending to hit herself in the head with said hammer.

  18. When Gizelle wore the t-shirt to taunt Karen. I did laugh, though.

  19. I don't think Dela would've even ended up in the bottom though to be honest. The next episode was an acting challenge that she probably would've won, and then it was the finale. Even Michelle pretty much said in her Whatcha Packin' that she was probably going to win, and why didn't she just stay to see that through. I feel like the group voting thing was just added last minute because their main front runner left anyways, but who knows.

  20. i’m not sure the jury was added last minute. the eliminated queens were still being sequestered when they normally get to go home. i can’t imagine they were keeping them in hotels just for the brief kitty girl cameos

  21. I’m from London originally and it’s hilarious how Pearl clutchy people get about that word. It’s fairly standard in the UK

  22. he’d probably get fired for calling her a bitch into his microphone too

  23. unironically Brown Cow Stunning (and Bad Bitch Tip)

  24. NTA. Your faith is important to you, and your son should have told his girlfriend about this beforehand. Even if she's not a Christian, she still needs to be respectful of other people's ways of life, especially when she's visiting you at your home. Your son could easily have explained the proper manners for prayers.

  25. how is not engaging in religious prayer disrespectful

  26. tbf, what they were parodying is terrible

  27. i unironically love this an whole heartedly support twinkgirls

  28. choking a man to death is not a good deed 😭

  29. So because youve been around yelling homeless people, everyone elses experience on that train is invalidated?

  30. yelling homeless people don’t deserve to be summarily executed because they made people uncomfortable, moron

  31. they’ve had signage up in that space since fall 2021 FINALLYYYYYY

  32. I’m sorry Ana Locking is the best “Michelle” out there, even more than Michelle.

  33. fr the judging panel on espana is top tier

  34. the way they ask about the Price of Glee and she starts imagining what her routine will be when she retires to Italy

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