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  1. I'm sorry you've been having such a struggle! My OR has been helped by a lot of dry eye care (drops, nighttime ointment, eyelid washing, etc.) but my OR does not sound as bad as yours and I see you have tried all those things. My only suggestion: Did you take probiotics while taking doxy? When I first started doxy, it definitely gave me some stomach issues, but I started taking a daily probiotic and it actually made a real difference for me. I've been taking low dose dozy for a while now with a daily probiotic and my gut has been fine. Could be something to try if you decide to give doxy another go!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t take probiotics with doxy in the past, but I take them now. I started researching gut health in general and specifically the gut health/ skin manifestations connection just recently, so I do think I would give doxy another try. (Parenthetical to the point, in addition to taking probiotics, I started taking digestive enzymes and those have been a game changer.)

  3. Best of luck if you do! I wish there were other options, but my derm and eye doc both told me oral doxy is a go-to solution. As much as I hate having to take it every day, it has definitely helped.

  4. There are WUs that will do it, but in my experience they tend to be the WUs that are in kioskos alongside something like a Rapipago. The WUs that are stand-alone, "main" locations will not. Whenever I have gone to one of these kiosko WUs to exchange, I've never had any problems -- they give me the blue rate (usually right around what's reported in La Nacion each day), they always have enough pesos for the exchange, etc. But you have to have crisp, new, clean $100 bills.

  5. This is broader than just Midnights tbh, but I am tired of the themes of revenge and karma. What happened with Kanye and Scooter is terrible, and I totally understand why Taylor is so upset and she has everyyy right to be. Her songs are expressions of her emotions, and I get why these events are a big focus for her. Many of the songs she has written about these conflicts are amazing. BUT now in 2022 when I hear songs like Vigilante Shit and Karma, I can't help but feel like "oh, more of this again..."

  6. 100% agreed. The obviousness of WCS, Vigilante Shit, Karma, etc. make it hard for me to connect with them. She needs to find that balance of drawing from experiences, if she wants to continue writing about them, but doing it in a way that we the audience can also still connect.

  7. Totally, this album had a lot of lyrics that were very much "I am a massive pop star" and it makes some of the songs hard to connect to. I feel like this is the first album of hers where it feels really obvious across multiple songs.

  8. Everything you said really resonated with me. I am very sorry for the loss of your mom. I lost my mom 3.5 years ago, she was 57. One day I realized that by the time I am 28 in a few years, I will have lived half the time my mom got to live, and that really blew my mind. When my mom was 28, I am sure she thought she had 50 more years ahead of her. It's terrible how much addiction takes from us. Every happy and exciting moment in my life will always be a little sad because I can't share it with her. Knowing that it didn't have to be this way makes it even harder. I understand your pain. Thank you for sharing.

  9. That's so true. I used to have really dense and curly hair as a kid. Then, in my late teens my hair started thinning out (from stress and genetics as my mom and sister experienced the same thing).

  10. Me too!! And I spent so much time in my teens wishing my hair was straight because that was "cooler" than having curly hair. Now I'm in my mid-twenties and my hair has become less curly and overall flatter with age, and I miss how it used to be so much.

  11. I’d add Scott Street but yeah this is the probably correct. Also Phoebe will join TS during her set, there’s no way TS takes the stage before whatever her opening set piece will be.

  12. Absolutely, I've seen many of Taylor's tours and she always brings the opener out during her own set for the collab. For example, when Ed Sheeran opened for her when she toured Red, he came back out to sing their duet from the album during her set. So at some point in Taylor's set, Phoebe will come out and they'll sing Nothing New together, then Phoebe will leave.

  13. I don't think he is blaming her here, I think he is simply naming one reason why demand is so high.

  14. I am once again asking for any info and pricing about Arlington tickets

  15. I saw on Twitter that floor seats were starting around $900, but that was several hours ago at this point

  16. I believe I got a seat relatively high up at my local stadium for the tour (paycor) and this will be my first concert. I was wondering how is the experience from the higher up seats? I've heard Taylor makes sure that all seats are a good experience.

  17. I've been to multiple of her shows at stadiums, and I do feel like she makes sure all seats are good. She moves around a lot from main stages to smaller stages, there is a lot of big production happening throughout the show, and also the stadiums she plays at tend to have huge jumbotrons you can see from nearly everywhere. I think it will be great no matter what! I got seats the highest up I've ever gotten them for this tour because it was all I could get that wasn't crazy expensive, and I am sure it will be great regardless.

  18. On the pill, been on it for about 7 years at this point. I've had zero issues with my cycle on spiro, which I've been taking for 1.5 years now, first at 100 mg for a bit and now 75 mg. My period is always regular during the placebo pill week and my period symptoms are the same they've always been!

  19. I don’t see this plot as a new friendship or a bad bitches link up. From my point of view, it’s showing the lengths to which people (especially women) have to go to in order to survive / protect their children. In this universe, children come first. If they have to play nice or work together in order for their children to survive, at that exact moment, nothing else matters. When society is in turmoil, we don’t get to hold our same values/morals when it comes to survival.

  20. I totally agree with your take. I also felt like there was a clear (very depressing!) message that, at the end of the day, all women will always be oppressed. You have Serena, a woman of power throughout the series, and June, a woman who was subjected to Serena's power, finding themselves in the exact same situation - running, unsafe, resourceless, alone with a baby to protect. I think that theme has been prominent throughout the show in general, especially recent seasons/episodes as Serena's life unravels. Seeing them together on the train really emphasized that point, in my opinion.

  21. Good point, and I think it makes sense with the events this season. June made it clear she wasn’t Serena’s friend, and she repeated it to Luke before saying “I knew you wouldn’t get it, that’s why you did that to Serena and her baby”. I thought it was a pointed representation of Junes feelings, she doesn’t see her as a friend, but she does empathize with her as a victim

  22. Does not see her as a friend but empathizes with her as a victim is such a good way to put it!

  23. I eat these foods regularly and don't have issues. In fact, when I had my yearly doctor's appointment, my bloodwork showed that my potassium levels were totally normal even after months of taking 100 mg of spiro. There is also evidence out there that spiro actually throwing off your potassium levels in a major, dangerous way is a rare occurrence if you are an otherwise-healthy young woman. In general, I think it's usually not an issue for people! Just don't go eating like three bananas every day :)

  24. I’m also in the deep south. Applying to grad school this year and very heavily considering where may have a good escape route should I need it one day…. whenever I think about how the handmaids tale started and America ended I feel so sick and terrified, because it’s not far from reality.

  25. As someone currently in grad school who is from the northeast but went to school in the south -- definitely take location seriously! Grad school is a marathon, not a sprint, and depending on the program you really can be stuck somewhere for the long haul. If it weren't for school, there's no way I'd live in the state I do now, but I'm stuck here until I finish. Living somewhere you feel you can be happiest and safest is so important!

  26. I appreciate this. My parents think I take it too seriously but I don’t want to have to worry about my freedoms!!! I was heavily considering a school in North Carolina but with each passing day I’m questioning if I want to be there through 2028. Especially if republicans win a supermajority in the state house and manage to pass an abortion ban. I hate having to think about this.

  27. I think it's totally valid, especially because abortion rights are probably just the start, unfortunately. Who knows how things will look by 2028. I'm in Texas, and it's not fun.

  28. I'm very sorry you are going through this. I lost my mom a few years ago to her drinking, and I remembering knowing, even before she got to the end of her life, that I was not going to have as much time with her as other people get with their healthy, non-addict parents, but I still thought I would have more time than I got. I've felt a lot of different things about my mom's passing, from deep sadness to hot anger to true relief. All of these feelings are valid and normal, and whatever you are feeling right now is valid and normal, too. At the end of the day, it is simply unfair that the hand we were dealt in life was one of an alcoholic parent. You deserve more from your mom, and I am sorry that you aren't getting it. My DMs are open if you ever want to talk. Hugs.

  29. I had this issue as well! I feel your pain. I ended up going down in dosage slightly (100 to 75) and I think it actually made a difference. I also use contact eye drops during the day, clean my eyelids every morning with baby shampoo, and I use both gel drops AND nighttime ointment every night because my eyes would get so dry while sleeping. I also cut back how often I take Zyrtec for allergies because that can also dry out your eyes. I was taking it pretty frequently, now I try to take it only when really necessary. Over time, the dry eyes have definitely improved.

  30. Also, I switched from biweekly contacts to daily contacts. More expensive which sucks, but I think they help as well.

  31. My eyes were so dry I would literally tear my corneas when opening my eyes after sleeping due to my eyelids sticking to my eyeballs, it was horrible!!! But now it's been over a year since that has happened to me/I started this routine. I use the Refresh Gel Drops and for ointment I use the Bausch & Lomb Soothe Nighttime Severe Dry Eye Relief Preservative Free ointment or the Refresh Nighttime Dry Eye Relief Preservative Free ointment. I use both directly before going to bed, gel drops first and then ointment.

  32. It varies so much person to person that it's impossible to know what your experience will be. This sub is a great resource, but also keep in mind that the sub (and the internet in general tbh) is probably going to be filled with more bad experiences than good simply because people having bad experiences are going to reach out more to ask for help, advice, support, etc. So you are probably seeing an overrepresentation of bad experiences and an underrepresentation of good experiences.

  33. I agree with this comment. Especially because I feel like people take drugs way more seriously than alcohol. My grandad died in 2020 because he spent all of his life drinking and that impacted the family alot. Alcohol is way deadlier than weed and yet its a lot more acceptable to drink than it is to smoke weed. I know no one who has died from taking weed and yet I know someone that died from alcoholism.

  34. I'm very sorry for your loss. I totally agree with you, alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs out there yet it is not treated like the other substances we consider to be "actual" drugs.

  35. If it is a Bussiness/more serious call as in someone gave you their number to call them back about something more serious we usually use something like "Hola, le llama/habla Beth de (inserte name of company/school/assosiation)". But if it is an informal thing as in someone gave you their number at a party or whatever to go Grab coffee we just say "Hola soy Beth, nos conocimos en (insert place)"

  36. Made me remember a time when My phone screen was broken and I answered with a "hola, quien es?" That was waaay off for everyone at that point. All the previous answers are correct :)

  37. lol I am sure I would have said the exact same

  38. Yes! Also happened to me when I had strep throat recently. I know nothing about this kind of stuff, so this could make no scientific sense, but my hunch was that my body was too busy fighting off illness for my skin to flare up. I also eat differently/a lot less when I'm sick because I feel terrible, so I wouldn't be surprised if that impacted my skin too as I definitely have some food triggers.

  39. Most PhD programs in the US offer both a fellowship, meaning your tuition is waived, and a stipend, which is essentially a salary. So you don't pay for school and you also get an income to live off of so you don't have to work outside of grad school(depending on where you're living and how much you're getting, some stipends go further than others...). In fact, many people advise that you should not do a PhD program unless you get a fellowship and a stipend included in your acceptance offer. I personally agree with that.

  40. There is far too little awareness about the concept of funded graduate degrees. I wasn’t aware either until someone happened to let me know in my senior year of college. Graduate schools need to do a better job spreading info about the funding structure. MANY undergrads don’t even consider grad school because they assume it will involve taking on more debt.

  41. Agreed, I didn't know either until I was applying!

  42. I am so very sorry for your loss. Late twenties is definitely still young in my opinion - many people today have their parents through their 40s/50s. You got half that time.

  43. Thank you for listening, for your advice, and not for being judgmental. I was scared to post this because I know I don't come across well. <3

  44. Yes!! I lost my mom summer of 2019 and had many dreams where she was not actually dead but just "hiding" or where she pretended she died for some reason but in reality she was still alive in secret OR where she died but then came back from the dead. In all of them I was somehow tricked and then surprised by the reality that she was not dead. I haven't had a dream like that in a while, but I had them a lot during the first year after her death. They were terrible, I always woke up feeling so stressed and upset.

  45. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I also lost my alcoholic mom when I was 23.

  46. I feel you, and I'm sorry you're going through this. I relate to a lot of what you said because my dad has rarely ever shown up for me and my brother in our grief since our mom died. They were divorced and I understand that changes the dynamic for him, but at the end of the day we are his kids and we lost our mom and we need our dad, yet he just fails to be there for us. It's really frustrating. And of course he denies any wrongdoing.

  47. I'm really sorry you went through this. That sounds very upsetting.

  48. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. I'm hoping I can get into trauma therapy and try to resolve the last few but big things I can't seem to take ahold of.

  49. Therapy can be a godsend for sure, it's helped me so much. I hope it's able to help you, too!

  50. Take probiotics to help counter the impact that doxy can have on your gut!

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