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  1. Additionally, Jenelle keeps whining on the internet that she’s still “fighting to get Jace back” and says one day the courts will hand him over. Meanwhile, in the last custody case they had for Jace, the judge told her to stop wasting everyone’s time with challenging the current agreement, because they would never remove Jace from the only home he’s ever known at this point just so Jenelle can have her kid back. She’s no longer allowed to challenge the ruling, so she will never have custody of him.

  2. This scene has always broken me. Jace trying to make her feel better, comforting her, literally showing more maturity and compassion than she’s ever shown him or anyone else in her pathetic life.

  3. You hit the nail on the head here. I just watched this episode yesterday and I was devastated for Jace. Poor baby self soothing with a song he obviously learned at school, trying to mentally disassociate from what was happening in that moment…

  4. Haha I might have to get him a little patch for his harness that says “let me sniff your leg”

  5. I am constantly apologizing to people who certainly were not expecting a wet nose to touch the back of their calf.

  6. Hahaha same! Does your dog hate winter? Mine gets huffy when I have leggings and socks on and he can’t sniff straight from the source

  7. Yes!! She needs access to the calves. Luckily we live in Florida so she only has to put up with covered calf season for a little while lol

  8. I have thinner/fine hair and I've definitely always been a wee bit jealous of Jenelles hair lol. We can hate her all we want but there's no denying the girl has great hair.

  9. Is this not a direct copy of Kail’s story yesterday about being in the drop off line for her kids…?

  10. You mean… some of us spend our money on things we actually want? Spending big money on Taylor Swift would add way more positive energy to my life than “ketones that will age you in reverse” somehow

  11. You've had a lot of great advice here and basically what I'm about to say. My dog was exactly the same as yours and it turns out it was all kibble related.

  12. Thank you for the advice. One big question I have about non-kibble diets is how you leave them for any extended period of time at a boarding facility for example? We are going on a cruise during Christmas where she will be at the doggy hotel for 8 days. Are most boarding services happy to go to such lengths twice a day to feed one dog?

  13. Not OP but most reputable dog hotels (especially if they are bougie enough to call themselves a hotel, lol) will accommodate a raw diet, no problem. Call them and ask!

  14. Interesting! I will update when and if we get a solution to this issue just in case anyone else ever has to go through this lol

  15. Are you opposed to feeding wet food or mixing in small amount to entice her? Few dogs will turn down wet food., but I didn't see any mention of you trying that so I was just curious.

  16. I am definitely not opposed to mixing in wet food if it comes to that… I feel like that is as far as I’d go and only if it worked consistently, but it’s worth a shot. The vet did seem pretty unconcerned, she said a lot of poodles and poodle mixes are weird about their food. I do have a backup vet though and I am going to make an appointment with her to get a second opinion on it. I agree, this is not right and we have been dealing with this since she was 8 weeks old.

  17. Seconding the Purina! My pup was the pickiest eater, throwing up bile daily and even having to go on meds to soothe her stomach. I get her the salmon version and she happily eats it (also her poops are a lot better). I think something in the countless other foods we tried wasn’t agreeing with her.

  18. So good to hear that you have had success! If all else fails I’ll be happy to rule out a sensitive tummy, but I really hope this works for her!

  19. TLDW: There was nothing extreme about their day. First 11 minutes they walk around the house, talk about Shane’s christmas gifts for Ryland. How he can’t stop buying shit for him and gives it to him right away. Shows us the pile of boxes that are all for Ryland.

  20. This literally reads like a “I forced a bot to watch 100 hours of Shane Dawson videos” post and I am here for it

  21. Honestly I'd be telling my kid "hey I saw you have condoms in your car. I'm glad you're thinking about safety, would you like some birth control to go with them?"

  22. This is the only reasonable response to finding condoms in a teenager’s space.

  23. To be fair I think if I had a younger teenager, I wouldn't be that chill. 16+ with a partner I was cool with, sure. Younger than that or a partner I had real concerns about and our conversation might have a different tone. Still probably wouldn't go full on restrictive authoritative parent, though.

  24. Very true! I agree, I think it’s safer to assume 16-18 year olds are having sex than to assume they’re not. But you’re absolutely right, any younger than that would have to be a conversation about the physical and emotional consequences of sex (which should be had before they even start doing it anyway) and the importance of waiting until you’re ready and responsible enough to do it safely. All that said, I would still get my kid on birth control if they seemed intent on doing it.

  25. Husband and I also live in Jacksonville, a little north of the TC. We are planning on moving out of state next year too. It sucks, we love it here but our salaries are simply not keeping up with the cost to live here.

  26. I am often jealous of the life these kids live. Their parents really do create beautiful memories for them constantly.

  27. The last time I flew hungover, the minute the plane touched down I jumped out of my seat and ran to the lavatory and puked my brains out. Apparently, however, when they’re out on the runway, a plane can’t move if a passenger is out of their seat. So the plane screeched to a stop, it’s dead quiet in the cabin, and I’m audibly vomiting uncontrollably. The poor flight attendant was simultaneously compassionate and also was like “please get back to your seat and quickly as possible and handle this in the airport because we can’t get to the gate with you in the lav.”

  28. The amount of second hand embarrassment I felt reading this… hope you’ve spiritually recovered from this, friend

  29. I take this to mean that the little goldendoodle that “her dogs lost” 🙄 was taken in by a neighbor and if that is the case I am so so so happy for that puppy

  30. You were f***ing engaged! 19 times! I wish we could post gifs on here lol

  31. If I were her I would definitely not trust myself to correctly make the decision to get engaged or not anymore!

  32. Unless it's like an early 2000 Jeep Cherokee. That would jive well with frugality

  33. I'm glad my wife doesn't become ridged every time I touched her, Mrs. LePage was like a piece of wood.

  34. I once sat on a plane near LePage and his wife during a flight from Maine to Florida. They legitimately bought the entire row of seats (3) in order to have one empty seat in the middle and therefore avoid sitting directly next to one another. They did not speak for the duration of the flight.

  35. Yeah I’ve had doctors suggest iud’s too, like really try to talk me into it and I’m just not comfortable with getting one. And my last obgyn actually talked me out of getting the arm implant. Said sometimes they can migrate, and women experience horrible symptoms with them. She said most patients she’s had who got it came back to get it removed a little while after. I’m happy with my birth control pills.

  36. Right? What is it with doctors pushing IUDs so much? Every OBGYN I’ve ever had has pushed them on me hard but I just cannot be convinced. It’s so weird that they all desperately want us to have them.

  37. Like do they get paid extra for putting one in someone? What’s the deal!

  38. I looked into the mini pill extensively and it looked like a good option! & I did speak to my doctor, she said that if my period hasn’t come naturally by January that I should come back in and we can try some intervention to kickstart it. I really hope I can get my cycle back without having to resort to that. The depo worked almost too well at its job of preventing pregnancy lol now it’s throwing a wrench into my plans to conceive on purpose!

  39. Willing to let her child suffer massively or even die to avoid maybe possibly potentially being laughed at or shamed by a medical professional. I’d say that fact alone is enough of a reason to remove this child from her care.

  40. The way that Jenelle’s foundation is so unbelievably off… I’m guessing they were all in charge of their own hair and makeup for this

  41. It’s because she’s married to a piece of shit straight man

  42. Exactly, she knows she can’t chime in because David will go apeshit on her for even hinting that being gay would be reasonable, nonetheless better than being straight.

  43. Are you kidding? You came to FL after not even living here for a decade and voted for Val Demmings. LMAO. I hope the skyrocketing prices force new movers like you to gtfo and stay out.

  44. I have lived here for only 5 years and have exercised my right to vote in every election, large small or special. I pay my taxes here just like everyone else and I’ll be god damned if I waited 10 years to make my voice heard and vote in my own interest. Fuck off with that gatekeeping garbage.

  45. Who cares? No one here actually likes the new movers lol. You came here probably at least in part because it’s cheaper (or was) and bring your stupid politics with you. Seriously, people that are actually from Florida, the majority of which are not on this Reddit clusterfuck, HATE you people because of that. It’s why the only thing I’d change is DeSantis imposing a tax on new movers for a while with a tax cut/incentive for people who’ve been here for decades. I’d vote blue if that was implemented just to get you assholes out of here.

  46. Good for you? Congrats on hating people I guess? It’s not really my problem how you feel about me. We moved here because of a job relocation and trust me this state is no more “cheap” to live in than my home one, never was. Your politicians just tricked you into believing the cost of living here was lower than those dreaded blue states you hate so much lmao. Good luck though

  47. I will take my dog out absolutely dripping in bright pink accessories and she still gets called a “good boy” by everyone she comes in contact with. I know that colors have no gender but when you see a dog decked out in pink it’s pretty safe to assume she’s a girl! I don’t correct people anymore though, it doesn’t really matter to me.

  48. Can someone explain to me like I’m five what a patreon is? I googled it and read the About Page and still don’t understand why you would have this in addition to OF. Does OF not have the option of controlling payments or subscriptions? Or is it a competitor of OF? I feel so old, dumb, and out of the loop with all the social media and content creator sites.

  49. Yeah it’s just another form of paid content except it’s not known for porn like OF is. A lot of YouTubers use it to supplement their income by releasing Patreon-exclusive videos to their paid subscribers. I’m guessing Jenelle would be using it to post photos/videos/updates about her life? (Heavily filtered and altered of course). Not sure who would want to pay for that.

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