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  1. Top right should be Hunter as innocent and willow as the protector (from the owl house)

  2. Actually we're planning to invade Sweden, hopefully we'll get some meatballs while we're there I hear they taste pretty good

  3. Personally I prefer short but ultimately if they have a great personality that's all that matters

  4. If this isn't what the little mermaid looks like in the new movie I'm boycotting disney.

  5. I mean are you one ? They are not allowed to say that but honestly I think you should definitely own it, stuff anyone who's homophobic. They don't deserve cool people such as yourself anyways.

  6. best advice! homophobes get so mad when you just say โ€œyeah i am a f slurโ€ idk why u got downvoted, taking the power away from the word is the best way to beat idiots.

  7. I'm glad you agree, I just think that making it more of a big deal gives the gross words even more power.

  8. Welp. Add that to my list of โ€œI am the most stereotypical queer on this planetโ€.

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