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  1. when i make a conlang i pronounce the words in a way that either makes sense to me feels right for the language.

  2. I need to say goodnight but genuinely, I have a little unearned pride here. My son is gearing himself up to tell his grandfather he has chosen to take his name as his own. I know I have no right nor expectation to be present when this conversation takes place but selfishly, people, I can't wait for when my dad tells me about this conversation between him and his grandson.

  3. like it'll use a network of computers to run tests on the collatz conjecture?

  4. pretty sure they all go to 1 though

  5. i graphed mutiple iterations of it, and the primes stayed pretty linear

  6. i should make one for every number

  7. The bones too? How would you swallow a freakin bone?

  8. if transphobes can still call you sir when you look so much like a woman, they can use ma'am

  9. It's Elon as Rafiki holding up Trump who is Simba. Both characters are from the lion king

  10. Yes, I'll use English with comparison. In Italian the letter g can have the sound of get, girl, great, but also the sound of Germany, job, junior, gem. I can't find this sound in the Ukrainian alphabet?

  11. for one of my languages ( i tend to abandoned them) i literally called it "lin" meaning "language", yes i know, very creative.

  12. From what I've learned, calling a language the word for language or people is pretty common.

  13. ive only done it once or twice, but it is pretty convenient

  14. if i were to hide it, it would be in a box somewhere hard to reach or maybe bottom of a pretty full box

  15. you have to convince yourself that you are, but can get better. dont convince yourself that you are perfect

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